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Mercedes W125

Mercedes W125

Car: Mercedes W125 / Engine: 8-Cylinder In-line Supercharged / Maker: Daimler-Benz / Bore X Stroke: 94 mm X 102 mm  / Year: 1937 / Capacity: 5,660 cc / Class: Grand Prix / Power: 646 bhp at 5,800 rpm / Wheelbase: 110.2 inches / Track: 58.0 inches front, 55.6 inches rear / Weight: 1836 lbs

1936 belonged to Auto Union and especially their brilliant young driver Bernd Rosemeyer. The Mercedes W25 was showing its age and Mercedes decided to temporarily withdraw from competition to reorganize their racing department. Rudolf Uhlenhaut was appointed Technical Director of the Rennabteilung, or racing department that would work between the Design Office and the Team Manager, Alfred Neubauer. Uhlenhaut was 30 years old at the time and decided that the only way for him to fully understand the problems with the Grand Prix Cars was to drive them himself. Soon he was lapping the Nurburgring at times just below the drivers. Grand Prix racing was different in those day as the cars were tested and re-tested constantly prior to the race meeting.

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