McLaren M6B In-Car Video

Race car driver Gary Sheehan typically races modern sedans like the Subaru WRX STi, so he jumped at the invitation to drive the ex-Jo Bonnier McLaren M6B Can-Am vintage racer at Infineon Raceway.

In Gary’s first outing in the brutal 600hp, 1600lb McLaren, owner Bob Lee let and Marshall Pruett mount their cameras on the M6B to produce four unique and incredible views.

The first camera angle is over the driver’s left shoulder. This angle gives the viewer a good look at the cockpit and the effort that goes into driving the McLaren.

The second camera angle is rear-facing shot of the driver and car. This angle produces a very good look at Sheehan fighting with the McLaren.

The third camera angle is forward-facing from the same front left fender as the second shot – pure speed.

The final camera angle is behind the driver and engine – we would guess that a camera was mounted on the rear wing. This angle produces some amazing sights, most notably seeing the throttle arm blipping on downshifts or the slow progression to full throttle. It’s a really interesting angle.

Enjoy the very loud 7:14 minute video.

For more information, click here for Gary Sheehan’s commentary on driving the 40 year old monster.

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