Maserati at 2017 Goodwood Revival
Maserati at 2017 Goodwood Revival

Maserati at the 2017 Goodwood Revival

The spirit of Maserati was high at the 2017 Goodwood Revival as the Italian marque celebrated 70 years of the Maserati GT and 60 years since Maserati’s Formula 1 World Championship win with the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio.

Maserati celebrated 70 years of the GT together with its contemporary range in Goodwood’s art deco Earls Court Motor Show exhibition hall. In keeping with the Revival theme, the 3500 GT display in the Earls Court hall was inspired by Maserati’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show in 1957, when it first launched to the public.

Outside the Jackie Stewart Pavilion, the pits were transformed into those from the 1957 German Grand Prix, creating a unique tribute to the Nurburgring race. The iconic Maserati 250F, which was driven to a legendary victory by Fangio before the formidable pairing later won the 1957 F1 World Championship, took to the track again over the weekend with avid fans witnessing the roar of the V12 engine once more. On Sunday, Formula One great and three-time Formula One World Drivers’ Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart, took to the circuit in the 250F.

Weekend racing continued, as a number of Maseratis also took to the circuit competing in the Goodwood Trophy, Sussex Trophy, Freddie March Memorial Trophy and Richmond Trophy. Highlights from the weekend races include the Maserati 6CM, which crossed the line third in the Goodwood Trophy, as well as the 250F which came seventh in the Richmond Trophy.

Maserati at the 2017 Goodwood Revival – Photo Gallery

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  1. Great article and images – Can I ask … Isn’t a 250F a six cylinder engine as opposed to a 12 Cylinder mentioned above. Wish I was there, cheers.

    1. yes the 250 F is powered by twin overhead camshafts , in line 6 cylinders,very interesting , valves setting, large valves with a fine trade,& 2 slots, two large cup washers, holding the valves , theses washers have a set of triangular teethes, no need to remove the camshafts & change shims to adjust valves, I was lucky to have saved the 1958 Alfa Romeo 1900 SS, just turn these washers one click equal to .001″,valve adjusting tool that I used while servicing this Alfa at High Performance Cars, Waltham Massachusetts in 1965 & use it again while servicing the 1956 Maserati
      A6 G Zagato for the 1996 historic Tour De France
      Great souvenirs

  2. Maserati 250F, I love, it was one of these cars that was in Ralph Lauren collection as a curator, getting all the cars to work , drive them make them ready for the NY State yearly inspection.The 250 F I had was sitting idling for years, I had the extreme pleasure to get her engine running, brakes master cylinders replaced, complete ignition service &
    Weber carbs refurbishing, what the excitement when the engine started, I utilized the original factory cranking electric
    apparatus with an electric motor,battery driven rod trough the front engine pulley
    Apparently, this was the exact car that Sir Stirling Moss had driven, this car at REIMS Grand Prix (France)

  3. One of my first experiences with European F1 racing occurred when I was about 13 and read (in Road&Track) about the spectacular performance of Fangio and the 250F in the German Grand Prix. I was hooked.