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Photo Bernard Brault,  ©2023 Bernard Brault
Laprairie, Quebec: 31/082023 Photo Bernard Brault Collection de voitures Ferrari de Luc Poirier

Mind-bending “Hyper-5” Ferrari collection

Beyond the Holy Trinity with Luc Poirier

For some enthusiasts of Ferraris from the 80s and 90s, the 288 GTO, F40, and F50 models create what is referred to as the Holy Trinity. But what if that’s not enough? For Canadian real estate businessman Luc Poirier, the beauty of the prancing horse goes beyond the sacred trio, and adds the milestone Enzo and Aperta models. Together, this quintuplet creates the “Hyper-5,” of which just a few collectors worldwide can claim.

Photo Bernard Brault, ©2023 Bernard Brault
Photo Bernard Brault

Where did this all start?

Poirier’s first car was a 1987 Porsche 924 Turbo that he bought at 16. Living in government housing with his Mom, the police eventually took notice of the Porsche and verified it wasn’t stolen.

Enter the Prancing Horse

In 2000, Luc Poirier walked into a Ferrari dealership for the first time without the means to buy one. But the experience motivated him to keep saving. In 2004, he bought his first Ferrari: an F430. Years later after collecting numerous V12 models, Poirier still finds the V8 mid-engine cars to be slightly better balanced and more enjoyable to drive.

Photo Bernard Brault, ©2023 Bernard Brault
Photo Bernard Brault

50 and counting

The Montreal-based real-estate developer currently owns 50 vehicles which includes motorcycles too. Marques like Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Ducati can be found in his collection, with his favorite being Ferrari, currently at 27. All of his Ferraris have a theme, which is limited production. Being savvy with money isn’t just limited to real estate!

Photo Bernard Brault, ©2020 Bernard Brault
Photo Bernard Brault

Meant for the road

At the heart of his passion for Ferrari is a simple premise: they must be driven to be enjoyed. Luc reportedly drives his F8 Tributo to work during warm summer days. With an orange Hermes interior, let’s just say it turns heads. For a more extreme experience, his Pista or F12 TDF do the trick.

That sound!

And it’s no surprise to hear Poirier talk about one of the elements he loves the most about his Ferraris; the sound. His 458 Speciale is one of his favorites because it’s the last naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari ever produced and sounds like no other.

Schumacher of course

Visit enough Ferrari collections and you start to see a connecting thread among the top-tier stables; a Michael Schumacher F1 car. When Poirier was offered a 2004 F1 car from Michael Schumacher, he just couldn’t say no. With 13 wins to its resume, it’s undoubtedly one of the most prized F1 Ferraris in existence.

The road ahead

While Poirier is grateful for his inventory of 27 Ferraris, there is always time to dream about what the future might bring. Like many other world-class Ferrarista, Poirier dreams of owning a 250 GTO, the most coveted vintage Ferrari. With recent transaction prices in the neighborhood of $100M, it’s a serious financial undertaking the say the least. But for a boy raised by a single mom in government housing, anything is possible.

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All photos © Bernard Brault