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Guide: Protecting Your Late-Model Sports Car

Detailer shining light on red hood
Via Ming Shine

There are a number of reasons why people purchase performance vehicles, and it’s not just because they can afford them. A big part of the buying decision hinges on sentimental value and passion. In some cases, these elements carry even more weight than the sticker price of the vehicles.

Sentiments aside, one must also remember that sports cars do not come cheap. The promise of intense driving thrills and engagement behind the wheel comes with six-figure or even seven-figure price tags. That said, it is only reasonable to assume that supercar owners would take measures to protect their prized possessions. 

Thankfully, there are multiple options available to supercar owners seeking to protect their vehicles. These protective options can be used as a standalone or combined to broaden the coverage area. Here, we highlight a few of the popular choices when it comes to protecting your sports car.


Full Coverage Insurance graphic

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It would be foolhardy to drive a sports car out of the showroom without a comprehensive insurance cover in place. There are so many things that could go wrong from the moment ownership is transferred. 

An adequate insurance policy for your sports car should, at the barest minimum, protect against collision and loss. There are other packages that expand the coverage scope to include items such as personal injury protection and track day use.

3M/Clearbra Protection

3M clearbra being applied to a Ferrari

Via Detailers Domain

Insurance is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to protecting your sports car. Would you, for example, ring up your broker for stone chip damage to your car’s paint? That’s where the 3M paint protection film, or clear bra, comes in handy. 

The automotive clear bra is a urethane film that helps protect the paint finishes from environmental hazards such as bug splatters, stone chips and other road debris. It can be applied to high-impact areas of the car such as the hood, bumpers or doors. Some people cover the entire car with it. It has the advantage of preserving the car’s original appearance since it’s completely transparent.

Aftermarket Warranties

Orange corvette with front splitter

Via Upscale Living Magazine

Aftermarket warranties are another great option, especially if you purchase a used sports car. However, the inclusion of an aftermarket warranty is sure to draw some contention. Not all of these warranties are equal (here is a good aftermarket warranty comparison post if you’re shopping). 

You’ll want to be diligent and ensure you opt for a good provider, keeping in mind exactly what’s covered and how much the package costs. This is assuming that you aren’t planning on modifying or tracking your ride. If that’s your plan, we’d skip the aftermarket warranty altogether and explore other options.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrap on a Chevy Camaro

Via Vinyl Car Wraps Vancouver 

Like clear bra films, vinyl wraps also help protect your car. However, vinyl wraps are available in different colours and can actually be a sensible alternative to repainting the entire vehicle. In addition to plain colours, a customized pattern or paint scheme can also be created with vinyl wraps, giving your sports car a whole new look. 

Vinyl wraps need a smooth surface to work best. Therefore, it’s vital that the sports car is free from dents, paint chips or rust before applying any wrap.

Window Tint

Lamborghini with darkened windows

Via Elite Tint

People usually associate window tint with the need for privacy, and while that’s true, it’s not the only reason sports car owners darken their windows. A good window tint can block up to 99% of UV rays from the sun, which is not only harmful to the skin but can also damage the car’s upholstery. 

Window tint also keeps glass from shattering and injuring passengers in case of an accident. It can also be a deterrent, discouraging break-in attempts since it’s difficult to see into the car.

Check Tires, Brakes, & Bearings

Red Audi R8 on a vehicle lift for inspection

Via Audimv

Sports cars are designed to operate at the limit of performance. That’s why it is essential to subject them to regular and thorough checkups. Keep an eye out for worn tires and brake pads, especially if you track your sports car. Listen for unusual sounds from the hood and note how the car responds to your steering inputs. 

It is possible to identify warning signs that tell you all is not well with the vehicle. Replacing consumables as soon as possible can help prevent a hefty repair bill in future and ultimately prolong the life of your sports car.


Red and white Acura NSX parked up in a secure garage

Via RaceDeck Garage Floors

This is another essential factor when it comes to safeguarding your sports car. Ideally, you would want to park your sports car in enclosed spaces such as a garage or shed. Even then, there are other things to consider, like the ambient temperature or the use of tire pads if the vehicle is left unused for extended periods. Some sports cars also need to be plugged in regularly to protect the battery and electrical components. 

Other Measures

Lamborghini being handwashed

Via Auto Loan Solutions

Careful driving is a non-negotiable requirement for protecting your high-performance vehicle. There’s always the temptation to overtake every vehicle when you are behind the wheel of a sports car on public roads. That can be extremely dangerous. Yes, sports cars are agile and built to go fast, but that’s why we have licensed race circuits and track days. 

Also, it is important to keep your sports car clean at all times. Where possible, visit a professional car detailing centre for top-notch waxing and full-service cleaning. If you have to do it yourself, ensure you use suitable materials. For example, the car’s paint may react negatively to certain types of cleaning fluids.

As mentioned earlier, sports cars are an investment. Their values are measurable in both monetary and non-monetary terms. It is, therefore, key to ensure that they are adequately protected at all times. This will give you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy the sports cars as they were meant to be.