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Car Profile: Porsche 911 (901) Car #6

Meet the oldest Porsche 911 variant in the world: Alois Ruf Jr.’s 901"Quickblau" prototype

On the lawn at Pebble Beach
1963 Porsche 901 on the lawn at Pebble Beach

An impressively curated collection of historic Porsche automobiles wasexhibited at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this August. There were historic race cars, a very early Pre-A, and other significant Porsches on display to comprise a special class to commemorate the brand’s 75 years in business. At the end of the row was a rather unassuming blue car that at first glance appeared to be an early 911. On close inspection and after a few questions, it was revealed to be the oldest 911 variant in existence. This 901 Porsche is prototype car number six.

What Exactly is a 901?

On the lawn at Pebble Beach
1963 Porsche 901 on the lawn at Pebble Beach

In 1963, Porsche introduced a new car to replace the 356, initially naming it the 901. However, French automaker Peugeot objected to the name. Peugeot’s car models used three-digit names at the time, such as 203 and 403. The companyinsisted that it held a trademark for automotive names with three numbers and a zero in the middle. Porsche had built less than 100 901s before Peugeot convinced the German company to change the branding on the car. According to Porsche, Peugeot sent a “friendly but distinct letter” telling Porsche to choose a different name for their new car.

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