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Buttonwillow Dream Race

Photo: Brian Green

The California Sports Car Club is organizing a “dream” weekend this October at Buttonwillow Raceway Park north of Los Angeles, when entrants from a variety of clubs will be invited to participate in a come-one, come-all, cross-pollination “championship” during the club’s Pacific Coast Championship weekend. Entrants from the SCCA, NASA, VARA, HSR, ASC, Porsche Clubs, and BMW Clubs are all being invited to participate, and a major effort is under way to align car classes from the various organizations so the race groups will offer a challenge to all levels of cars no matter their home organization. Each entrant will declare the organization with which they are affiliated, and their car will be inspected under the rulebook of their home organization. Then they’ll be turned loose for a weekend of safe,  fair and fun racing on Cal Club’s Buttonwillow circuit. For further information, visit or call (661) 764-5945.