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BMW Classic Opens to Customers, Establishes Motorsports Division

The BMW Classic specialist workshop will not only be repairing and restoring its own classic vehicles, but also those belonging to customers. The BMW Classic Center thus closes the final gap in the complete range of services offered to the owners of classic models from every era of the blue-and-white badge.

The worldwide interest in classic cars and motorcycles of the BMW brand is growing apace. The 200 or so brand clubs alone account for some 200,000 members. With interest growing, BMW Classic responded to the wish of many enthusiasts by expanding the Historic Workshop, hitherto responsible for the company’s own vehicles, into the BMW Classic Center, which now accepts outside commissions as well.

“The workshop is an essential component of the reorientation of BMW Classic and of our customer focus on the classic market,” says Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Group Classic. Parallel with this, the supply and remanufacturing of parts is being further expanded. To this are added further areas of business such as the purchase and sale of vehicles, authentication of vehicles, advice to buyers, and a worldwide collection and delivery service.

Historic Motorsport Division

BMW Group Classic also established a Motorsport division to offer assistance to classic competition vehicles that carry the BMW and Mini badges. The activities of the motorsport specialists extend from advice on servicing and repair, through parts procurement, right up to complete restoration – drawing on the definitive skills of the manufacturer.

The Motorsport division was set up to meet the growing demand for skilled servicing of racing classics while remaining faithful to the originals. “We are getting more and more frequent enquiries of this kind,” says Friedrich Nohl, who heads up the Motorsport division of BMW Group Classic. That is no surprise, since many of the one-time circuit and rally cars have survived and are still being raced today. They originate predominantly from the period from 1960 to 1990 – three decades in which BMW and Mini were helping to make a decisive mark on motor sports.

[Source: BMW]