BMW 2002 Ti Ralleye

Preview of a 1968 BMW 2002 Ti Ralleye

This 1968 BMW 2002 Ti Ralleye is set to be auctioned by Stratas Auctions commencing on the 19 January.


In 1968, BMW launched the 2002 which was equipped with BMW’s M10 1,990cc SOHC four-cylinder engine and produced 100bhp. At the time, Max Hoffman who was the American importer for BMW, had been requesting that BMW release a sportier version of the 1600-2 series for the US market.  

BMW 1600-2
BMW 1600-2

It has been said that BMW director of product planning, Helmut Werner Bönsch, and M10 engine designer, Alex von Falkenhausen, both installed a 2.0-liter engine version in their personal 1600-2 models.

When they realized that they both had the same idea, they got together to prepare a proposal for the BMW’s board to produce a 2.0-liter version of the 1600-2. This would go on to become the BMW 2002. 

1968 BMW 2002 Ti Ralleye
1968 BMW 2002 Ti Ralleye

In addition to the single carburetor base model, there were also high-performance versions in the form of the dual carburetor high compression 2002Ti and the fuel injected 2002Tii. The design took inspiration from the “Neue Klasse” sedan that debuted in 1966, and the toned-down version of the design in the 2002 was an instant hit.

Dieter Quester was behind the wheel of a works turbocharged 2002 when he drove it to a victory during the 1969 European Touring Car Championship.

1969 European Touring Car Championship featuring the BMW 2002 ti. Source: The Wheel Network

For rallying, BMW leaned more on the naturally aspirated 2002Ti and the 2002 Tii versions. The 2002 was undoubtedly competitive in rallying, but during its five-year campaign, its only significant win was during the 1972 Portuguese TAP Rally with Achim Warmbald behind the wheel. 

1968 BMW 2002 Ti

1968 BMW 2002 Ti Rally Prepped Race Car, Chassis 16886614

Thje current owner bought this example in 2016 through Mint Classics where it was transported from Germany to San Francisco where it has found its home. It currently features Atlantic Minerölwerk livery and a BMW Club of Columbia windshield sticker. Prior to selling the car, the previous owner joined various historic rally events in Europe.   

Rear of BMW

The car has an ALPINA-style wide body kit matched with Euro-style front and rear bumpers. Except for the windshield, all the glass in the example has been replaced with Plexiglass. 

North Bay Bavarian did a recent service on the example and a complete and detailed list of the upgrades that were made at the time. Some of the most important upgrades that were given to the example include a A4 ALPINA throttle-body fuel injection, Tii front brake calipers with vented rotors, E21 rear brakes, and a close-ratio “dogleg” 5-speed transmission.

Front of BMW 2002 Ti


The example’s interior is equipped with a Sparco racing steering wheel, Recaro racing seats with harnesses and a bolt in roll-cage.

Interior of car

The floor has been given a steel lining and Dynamat heat and sound insulating material. The tachometer that was placed at the center cements the idea that the 2002 cockpit was set up only for racing. 

Engine and Drive Train 

The example is equipped with the famous BMW inline 4-cylinder engine, and it has a multitude of upgrades that makes it both a competitive and reliable vintage race car. Some of the upgrades are:

  • A4 ALPINA A4 throttle-body fuel injection,
  • 3.25” open differential,
  • C/R “dogleg” 5-speed transmission,
  • C/R steering box, dual blue ignition coils,
  • turbo radiator,
  • engine cooler, 
  • Tii front brake calipers with vented rotors,
  • ALPINA-style exhaust header, 
  • Tii boxed rear control arms,
  • E21 rear brakes,
  • reinforced front frame rails,
  • brake master cylinder mounted at the pedal box,
  • oil pan crank scraper plate,
  • reinforced front subframe at left motor mount,
  • rally hydraulic rear brake lever,
  • Lester Owen rocker arms,
  • Bilstein shocks at the front and rear, and
  • rally springs and sway bars. 
Engine of the car

The example is qualified and ready to race in many historic vintage racing events.

More information regarding the 1968 BMW 2002 Ti Ralleye can be found at Stratas Auctions.

[Source: Stratas Auctions]

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