Auctions America Auburn Fall 2014 – Auction Report

Auctions America Auburn Fall 2014 – Auction Report Page Eight

1934 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria, Body by Dietrich
Lot # 5140 1934 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria, Body by Dietrich; S/N 901669; Burgundy, Dark Red fenders and accent/Black leather; Natural cloth top; Older restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $280,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $308,000 – Dual enclosed sidemounts with mirrors, silver painted wire wheels, wide whitewalls, chrome trim rings, radio, heater, Trippe lights, Solar vee lens headlights. – Good paint, chrome and interior. Faded and lightly soiled top. Chassis is aged, oily and road grimy. Good interior wood, dashboard and crisp gauges. A pretty Packard with lovely Dietrich designed body with a top that folds nearly flush to the window sill line. A great car to continue to tour and enjoy. – Twenty-one years ago at the World Classic auction in Danville, California this Packard brought $144,900. It was fresher, but had the same restoration and cosmetics that it does today, a real endorsement of the quality of materials and workmanship lavished upon it two-plus decades ago. The bidders were surprisingly serious about this Packard Twelve and stayed on it for some time. It is unreasonable to argue with their determination of value.
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback
Lot # 5142 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback; S/N 0F02Z112807; Grabber Blue/White vinyl; Older restoration, 2- condition; Not sold at Hammer bid of $175,000 – 429/375hp, 4-speed, T-handle Hurst shifter, P/S, P/B, matte black hood scoop, chrome Magnum wheels, F60-15 Polyglas GT tires, 8-track stereo, KK# 2192. – Restored like new a while ago and showing only a little age and no apparent use since. Very good paint, chrome and interior. Clean, orderly engine compartment. Underbody is nearly like new. – Reported sold at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale in 2010 for $176,000 and offered at Mecum’s Monterey auction a year ago with a reported high bid of $215,000. The consignor may think it’s worth more, but the bidders have a different opinion and in this business the bidders are always right.
1931 Auburn 8-98 Speedster
Lot # 5147 1931 Auburn 8-98 Speedster; S/N 898A26003E; Light Yellow, Brown accent, Orange coachline/Tan leather; Tan cloth top; Older restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $112,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $123,750 – Orange wire wheels, wide whitewalls, Trippe lights, Dual Ratio, dual sidemounts with Beige cloth covers and mirrors. – Cracked and chipped old repaint, surface creased upholstery, good chrome. Orderly engine compartment. A good older restoration showing its age and some miles but still shiny and more than good enough to be toured proudly. CCCA National First Prize #0922. A strip and repaint would make this a much better car without requiring much more attention. – Offered by RM at Meadow Brook in 2006 where it no-saled for $135,000. Auctions America made many excuses for the failing old paint, excuses that the car did not deserve. Yes, it needs paint but beyond that it is a well preserved old restoration that has many enjoyable tour miles before it. It also needs an A-C-D certification as an original Speedster, but even at that it is a handsome car that can be used as is and with self-confidence for an appropriately moderate price. The bidders and Auctions America did a good job of balancing the positive and negative aspects of this 8-98 in the final price.
1968 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi 2-Dr. Sedan
Lot # 5151 1968 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi 2-Dr. Sedan; S/N RM21J8G215766; Red/Black vinyl; Cosmetic restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $85,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $93,500 – 426/425hp, dual quads, 4-speed, 4.1 Sure Grip, P/S, P/B, chrome Magnum wheels, red line tires, pushbutton radio, heater, bench seat. – Fair quality but very shiny repaint, sound original interior. Good chrome. Underbody cleaned up and repainted. A rare car with a presentable fresh cosmetic restoration. – You were King of the Streets with this Road Runner Hemi in 1968. Appropriately equipped to reap pink slips like a McCormick reaper in a field of wheat, the presentation leaves something to be desired but is far too good to change. It is a car to be proud to own, particularly at this moderate price that reflects the current weakness of Mopar performance.
1948 Packard Super 8 Convertible
Lot # 5152 1948 Packard Super 8 Convertible; S/N 22794221; Red/Beige leather; Natural cloth top; Cosmetic restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $40,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $44,000. No Reserve – P/W, 3-speed, dual remote spotlight, skirts, large hubcaps, trim rings, wide whitewalls, bumper overriders, backup lights, exhaust turndown, pushbutton radio, spare, jack and tools. – Very good paint, chrome and interior but old undercoat in the wheel wells fogged with exterior overspray. Makes a great first impression that is quickly let down. – If Porsche 356s are bathtubs, this Packard is a Hot Tub, big enough for many friends to enjoy together. It brought modest money, though, for what it represents in Packard history and should be great fun for no more than a good Model A.
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
Lot # 5158 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible; S/N VC57F211540; Harbor blue/Blue, Light blue vinyl; Larkspur blue vinyl top; Recent restoration, 2+ condition; Hammered Sold at $71,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $78,100 – 283/220hp, Powerglide, power steering, power brakes, dual exhaust, fender skirts, aftermarket cassette. – Beautiful restoration. Paint and brightwork are amazing. Panel gaps are inconsistent and need more attention. Engine bay is very clean. Underneath shows recent paintwork and still smells fresh. Interior is spotless. An excellent car with nothing to complain about except the door fits (and they’re probably just as they left Flint fifty-seven years ago.) – A pretty, pretty, fresh, crisp Bel Air that brought a premium price appropriate to the quality and freshness of its restoration and the specifications. While it is expensive, the new owner got a car that should require no excuses and be rewarding to drive and show pretty much anywhere. 
1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner
Lot # 5166 1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner; S/N B3LC120746; Red/Black, Red vinyl; Black cloth top; Older restoration, 2 condition; Hammered Sold at $27,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $29,700. No Reserve – 3-speed, P/S, oil filter, windshield washer, clock, heater, pushbutton radio, hubcaps, trim rings, whitewalls, bumper overriders, rear deck continental bump, skirts. – Very good paint, chrome and interior. Done to showroom condition some time ago and still very good showing more age and post-washing residue than miles. Paint is lightly orange peeled on the right hood side. A satisfying Ford convertible. – Sold for $44,280 at the Leake Tulsa auction in June 2012, this is an enjoyable car for not even a modest price. It is cheap.
1966 Porsche 912 Coupe
Lot # 7064 1966 Porsche 912 Coupe; S/N 455842; Green/Black; Visually maintained, largely original, 4 condition; Hammered Sold at $29,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $32,450 – Steel wheels, AM/FM radio, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. – Body panels are straight and fit well. Paint is fair with a few chips on panel edges and some cracks in the hood. Brightwork has lots of pitting and scratches. Engine bay is clean. Underneath is simply smeared with undercoating. Side glass has lots of scratches. Interior is in rough shape and carpets don’t fit right. A rough car with a superficial old cosmetic redo. – This 912 had needs, to say the least, and what work that had been done needs to be redone at this point. On the other hand, just try to find another short wheelbase Porsche from the 1960s for less. The swb 911/912s are at the head of Porsche shoppers’ lists right now and this 912 ticks that box for someone willing to overlook its general mediocrity. It is fully priced in this transaction, but in absolute terms the premium is only a few thousand bucks.

[Source: Rick Carey]