Alfa Romeo 1900 SS at Mille Miglia 2011

Alfa Romeo Factory at Mille Miglia 2011

For the 2011 edition of the historic Mille Miglia tribute, the Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring team will be lining up three official Museum vehicles which, in accordance with the regulations, took part in the Mille Miglia race, held from 1927 to 1957, and which saw Alfa vehicles triumph some eleven times: a record which remains unbeaten.

From 1928 to 1947, the Mille Miglia was one of the great classic competitions in which Alfa Romeo dominated, while in the 1950s, the brand collected a whole series of prestigious victories, just as important as they were achieved by vehicles in mass production, thus demonstrating the excellence of the brand’s products.

The Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring team at Mille Miglia 2011 will line up the 6C 1500 Super Sport, the “oldest” model, entrusted to the Moceri-Labate crew and identical to the model which Campari and Ramponi won the great Brescia race in 1928. The second vehicle to be entered in the race is a 6C 1750 Gran Sport from 1930, driven by Salvinelli-De Marco, a model which became legendary through the Mille Miglia: it was in a similar 1750 that Nuvolari and Guidotti won in 1930, the edition in which the driver from Mantua achieved a record of 100 km/h average speed over the whole race and the contrast with Varzi, also driving an Alfa Romeo 1750, became the leitmotif for the race. Finally, a 1900 Super Sprint from 1956 completes the official vehicles group: two journalists will drive this coupé with a body of a Touring car, typical of the 1900s, the “sports saloon which wins the races”, prestigious gran turismo in the 1950s, and top of the Alfa Romeo range at the time.

The official historic vehicles from the Alfa Romeo History Museum will be accompanied at Mille Miglia 2011 by a fleet of six new Alfa Romeo Giuliettas.

[Source: Alfa Romeo]

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  1. Thank you for showing me an Alfa that I hadn’t known about, the 1900 SS. Just lovely.

    1. fabulous engineering this engine, the valves adjustment was done by screwing -unscrewing one notch, of the valves cups, that were secured in the valve steams by a fine trade, these 2 cups has “lion’ teeth’s, one click amounted to one thousand of an inch! I keep the factory tool in my box since 1966 when I serviced a blue one, of those cars & would you
      believe I used that particular tool to adjust valves latch of a 1965 Maserati A6G Zagato engine , identical system!
      this Alfa 1900SS engine had a peculiar firing order: !:1-2-4-3-.

      great souvenirs!

  2. I though the cars may not leave the museum as a consequence of the current revising of the building status by the administration !