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2009 Goodwood Revival – Richmond Trophy Race Results and Photos

Jochen Mass was again in the Lancia-Ferrari D50A

Named after the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, the Richmond Formula 1 race was traditionally for contemporary F1 cars. It was often billed as the Richmond F1 Race for the Glover Trophy. At the Goodwood Revival, the Richmond Trophy is for front-engined Formula 1 cars of a type that raced between 1950 and 1960.

The 2009 Goodwood Revival saw Richard Attwood win an electrifying Richmond Trophy race with a crowd-pleasing drive aboard a Ferrari 246 Dino. The former Le Mans winner beat an impressive Frank Stippler but only after early leader Barrie Williams spun and later retired the unique Ferguson P99. Fast-starting Gary Pearson was also forced to pull out after his BRM P25 began to overheat.

By quarter-distance into the 25-minute race, Goodwood rookie Stippler was leading aboard Burkhard von Schenk’s Maserati 250F, drifting the straight-six powered icon with real verve. A patient Attwood kept a watching brief, appearing his usual super-smooth self before making an opportunist move at the kink before St. Mary’s with eight minutes left to run. Sliding his Dino inside the Maserati with two wheels on the grass, his ballsy move was timed perfectly and he soon built-up an unassailable lead.

After the race, a beaming Attwood said: “It was a wonderful race; I had a wonderful time. Every win here is to be valued. He [Stippler] drove very well and made my life difficult.” Stippler added: “I love historic cars and this is by far the best historic race meeting.”

 Barrie Baxter - Tecnica Meccanica Maserati 250F tries to not use the mirrors
Barrie Baxter finished fourth in the Tecnica Meccanica Maserati 250F

Richmond Trophy Race Results (17 laps)

1. Richard Attwood, Ferrari 246 Dino
2. Frank Stippler, Maserati 250F
3. Jochen Mass, Lancia-Ferrari D50A
4. Barrie Baxter, Tecnica Meccanica Maserati 250F
5. Joseph Koster, Maserati 250F

Fastest Lap: Richard Attwood, Ferrari 246 Dino at 1:27.304 (98.96 mph)

Click for complete results: Richmond Trophy Race Results

[Source: Goodwood Revival]