Bentley 3-liter

1924 Bentley 3-Liter – The British Star that Dominated Motorsport

DM Historics, the British heritage motorsport specialist is offering a 1924 Bentley 3-Liter, a great example of British motoring excellence, giving the new owner a chance to own a vehicle inducted into the historic racing hall of fame.

The iconic Bentley 3-Liter is one of the most celebrated historic race cars to have raced in Le Mans. It was able to achieve continuous success at the grueling race in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930. It simply outdrove the Bugatti 1368cc as it claimed motorsport dominance in the late 20s. 

1924 Bentley 3-liter

The Bentley 3-liter example, chassis 589, is one of around 1,600 models that were made during the limited production run. A dedicated team of historic racing engineers at DM Historics ensured the vehicle has been expertly overhauled. 

The example has greatly benefited from the ownership of a long-standing Bentley Drivers Club member which has made sure that the tourer maintained in its outstanding condition. The example was the pilot car used at the BDC Jubilee Run in 1969 and was heavily featured at the Bentley Golden Jubilee Book 1919-1969. 

back of 1924 Bentley 3-liter

The Bentley 3-liter bodywork pays homage to Vanden Plas, a famous high-end luxury automotive coachbuilders. They developed their reputation for the expert craftsmanship that they exhibited during the production of more than 700 Bentley chassis bodies that they produced from 1924 to 1931. 

Chassis 589 has been cherished by all its past owners and it has been given a variety of upgrades like the electronic voltage regulator, two-wire Dynamo, 12-volt LED lighting, replacement pistons, and 6 ½ Liter rear axle. 


In 2018, chassis 589 entered the DM Historics workshop where it was given an extensive restoration, and under their expert hands, it has been restored to an almost factory standard, seemingly turning back the time to when it rolled out of the production line in 1924. 

The expertise of Kingsbury, pre-war Vintage specialists, were also tapped to provide the best mechanical servicing on the example to make it run in perfect condition.

Bentley Emblem

Chassis 589 is an excellent drive – the 3-liter four-cylinder engine, period-correct four-speed gearbox, and super carburetors allow it to glide along country roads.

As part of the mechanical overhaul, chassis 589 was also given an all-new period correct exhaust system, rebuilt magnetos, and a new fuel system including the piping, pumps, and tank, so that the example is at par with modern standards while still keeping its original charm. 

Front of 1924 Bentley 3-liter

The exterior of chassis 589 has been improved giving it the most iconic Bentley racing livery. It now proudly carries a new black exterior, matched with refurbished wheels. New lights and a bespoke ordered tonneau cover gives the example an elegant, brand-new look while also giving tribute to the original W O design. 

The interior was also completely restored. Chassis 589 was fitted with red leather racing-style seats that contrasts beautifully with the black carpets and red piping. The original 18-inches four-spoke steering wheel has been retained. Although the Bentley 3-liter is almost 97 years old, it has kept its original dials and gauges, and they are all in fully functional condition. 

Chassis 589 only has 12,700 miles on the speedometer, giving it plenty of life to enter it in iconic events like the Mille Miglia and Flying Scotsman. The new owner could also experience the excitement and see why the W O Bentley was able to dominate and achieve motorsport success in the late 1920s. 

side profile of car

DM Historics is a business built for historic motor racing, run by a father and son team, Dominic & Marcus Holland – passionate racers themselves who contribute genuine racing pedigree to the company.

Details on the 1924 Bentley 3-liter can be found at DM Historics.

[Source: DM Historics]