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Watkins Glen’s Inner Loop

Considering the résumés of the people who have raced here, I am both humbled and honored to be writing about this world-renowned and historic facility. I have had great fun and success racing Formula Fords at this very fast and challenging track. One of the things that I think makes this track such a great facility is the fact that the long straights lend themselves to close racing as the draft keeps everyone together. Therefore, this track becomes a breakout track for many racers climbing the learning curve.

When trying to decide what the most important corner is, one has a difficult decision. With so many long straights, which one is the most important? A driver could argue for Turn 1, which leads onto the longest straight as many cars are flat out through the Esses. Some cars though are not flat out and have to lift a little to get through the Esses. The “Toe of the Boot” is in the middle of two, very long straight sections and merits respect due to the fact that it is the slowest corner on the track and demands a lot from driver and car to do correctly. Turns 10 and 11 are close enough together that they both have an effect on how one exits onto the long, downhill, front straight that leads to one of the best passing zones on the track in Turn 1. The debate could go on and on and you will hear different points of view from everyone you talk to since racers are so happy to share their opinions!

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