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Vote for Favorite Amelia Island Concours Etceterini

Bill Warner and the crew at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance continually produce a very entertaining and diverse collection of cars and those assembled for the 15th annual event will surely wow the spectators once again. Among the unique featured classes at the 2010 Amelia Island Concours will be Porsche 917, Cars of the Cuban Races, Cars You Never Knew Existed, Forgotten Fiberglass and Class E – Etceterini.

For those unfamiliar with the nickname Etceterini, it typically encompasses small displacement sports and racing cars that were built in the ’40s through the ’60s by a variety of Italian makers. Examples include such names as Bandini, Moretti, Giaur, Siata and Stanguellini, among many others. They have been called everything from “mini Ferrari” to “strange” and “cute,” but to fans of the little Italians – SCD included – their daring hand-formed bodies represent the very best of style. We look forward to seeing them on the field at Amelia, hopefully before they are swarmed by the admiring general public.

The ten entrants in the Etceterini Class at this year’s Amelia Concours have been featured in the past month by our friends at VeloceToday. Together, we are running a “Vote for Your Favorite Etceterini” with the top vote winner receiving a copy of the new Nardi book at the Amelia Island Concours. The prize will be presented by Cliff Reuter of, who conceived of this class three years ago and was the driving force behind it.

The entries are numbered 1-10 and their photos are below. Please vote in the comment section below by choosing the number or exact description. Winners will be announced next week.

Number 1. Bandini Formula Jr., Hugh Ruthven II.
Number 2. Stanguellini Bialbero Sport 1100, Jim Jenne.
Number 3. 1957 Bandini Saponetta, Marc Richelsoph.
Number 4. 1953 Stanguellini DOHC, Howard Banaszak.
Number 5. 1955 Bandini DOHC, Jack Reuter.
Number 6. 1950 Bandini 1100cc, Bill King.
Number 7. Moretti 1500 Freccia d' Oro, Joel Stein.
Number 8. Moretti Barchetta 750 cc, Michael Schwartz.
Number 9. Cycle fendered Bandini, Corrina Fendt.
Number 10. Siata 1400, Peter Voorhees.

[Source: VeloceToday]