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The Limited Edition Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso

The all-new Alpine A110 R has released a new Fernando Alonso limited edition which adds a new level of exclusivity and on-track features. The two-time Formula 1 World Champion also gave his inputs and lent his expertise in the creation of this new limited edition.

Aesthetics by Alonso

The Racing Matte Blue that was used on the Formula 1 A522 will be exclusively used for this edition. With an input from Fernando Alonso, the exterior color was changed to give it a sportier feel. Racing Matte Blue was also used to partially paint the front and rear carbon fiber bonnet, while Deep Black was used for the body. There is also a full carbon-fiber finish on the A110 R. The rear of the car is darker with a marked graphic design, the rear shield had a black finish, while the spoiler support columns are anodized black. It was also given orange brake calipers as a homage to Fernando Alonso’s historic colors. Other design details include the grey edges on the rims, the rear quarter windows have the blue-orange-yellow flag in Alonso’s trademark colors, and the ‘Fernando Alonso’ signature protected by varnish. Put together, these design features showcase the unique collaboration, while also highlighting the exclusivity of the model.

True Sportiness

Even the interior has a really sporty feel which is reminiscent of the Formula 1 driver, from his distinct orange color features on the door straps and the steering wheel centerpiece, which is a great contrast to the microfiber finish that was used throughout the interior of the car. Embroidered into the seats is Fernando Alonso’s signature, while the blue-orange-yellow flag can be seen on the door panels, which is a tribute to the collaboration between Alpine and the Formula 1 World Champion. Laser cut into the sun visor is a quote of the driver’s philosophy which goes, “There is more than one path to the top of the mountain”.

Media days around the Genesis of the Alpine A110R from July 6 to 7, 2022 in Les Ulis, France – Photo Grégory Lenormand / DPPI

Adjustable Chassis

Another unique feature of the Fernando Alonso A110 R limited series is adjustment system that easily and quickly change the height of the body and the stiffness of the suspension. A shim placed on the base of the spring can be easily taken off with a few quick and easy steps allowing the vehicle to be lowered by 10mm specifically for track use. The stiffness of the suspension can also be increased by up to 5%. It is an Alpine-patented innovation that will enable enthusiasts to easily access the track settings that was approved by Fernando Alonso himself on Barcelona’s F1 circuit.

Additional Exclusivity

As an ultimate act that showcases Alpine’s passion for high-performance sports cars, they created a sports car in partnership with one of their own Formula 1 drivers. The Fernando Alonso limited edition will only have a limited run of 32 examples as a tribute to the number of Formula 1 wins that the Spanish driver was able to achieve. The center console will have an engraved plaque displaying the name of the circuit and the year that Alonso won a race there. In chronological order and numbered from 1 to 31, these tribute plaques give the A110 R a fitting exclusive feature that will surely delight enthusiasts.

As part of the sale, the A110 R will come with a Fernando Alonso replica racing helmet that the two-time Formula 1 world champion signed himself.