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Sunset on French Luxury

Talbot-Lago, the name rolls off your tongue like a dew drop rolls off a leaf, deliberate but elegant. The cars made in Paris during the 1930s were truly luxurious in styling and uniqueness, as well as prestige, and at the time one of the most expensive French cars made. These were cars for the mega-rich, those insulated from the daily struggles of the aftermath of WWI and the recession of the 1930s. This was a company that tried to maintain its position after WWII, when life had changed as never before, and struggled to return to the past.

Much of the research for this article is from the definitive book published in 2012 and written by Peter M. Larsen with Ben Erickson entitled Talbot-Lago Grand Sport, The Car from Paris. The two-volume book covers the rise and fall of Talbot and the Talbot-Lago company from the year 1902 through to 1960.

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