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SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022


Pacific Raceways has been the home track of SOVREN since the club was formed in the late 1980s. The vintage club racing season begins each year with the Spring Sprints held in April.

Those of us who are motorsports fans and racers—but not rain fans—have lamented the absence of a place on the facility under cover. Seattle is a wet city in the spring. For as long as I can remember, it rained yearly during at least part of this event. I have a rain suit for this very reason.

And yet, throughout its existence since 1960, when you come to the track in April, the only anti-rain amenity it offers are these crappy pit wall umbrellas.

Pit umbrellas during SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022
This year, What? Weather forecast: SUN!

In spring of 2022, they were sun umbrellas. As one race fan said: “Oh, YES! Sunshine at the Spring Sprints!!!”

Cars on track during SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

Cars Competing at SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

This was a terrific event for Porsche 911 fans. A number of beautifully prepared examples turned out. We had a group of competitive vintage Corvettes and Camaros, and contemporary GT1 and GT2 cars. A big grid of Formula Fords competed. We had a sprinkling of GT40, Alfas, an XK120, Triumphs and BMWs.

Of special interest were the 1966 Brabham Grand Prix car and a mean-looking Honda S2000. I had never seen an S2000 in a vintage race. It was fast and it was cool. We had a lot of variety at this event.

The SOVREN Spring Sprints Get Underway for 2022

The back part of the track is scenic, as always: beautiful in morning sunlight punching through the trees, with little to identify it as a road racecourse. In places where the cars pass through patchy sunlight and shade, it looks like a winding hilly country road—a signature of Pacific Raceways loved by drivers, spectators, and photographers.

Sunday qualifying and racing were a great kickoff to the 2022 racing season in the Pacific Northwest. Now, if the rain only holds back for the main event in July! If not, I have my rain suit.

Line of cars getting ready for SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

Sr. Jack would have been pleased to see one of his cars so well turned out and driven 56 years after the company built it. I love the GP cars of this era, before they were covered in advertising, fitted with wings and other aero thingies. They were pure. A body suspended between four tires.

GP car on track during SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

Driver in helmet behind wheel of GP car during SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

I walked to the trailer to have a look at the black S2000. “Is it one of the 9,000RPM models?”


“This thing is fast,” I said to the man standing next to it.

He pointed at the sign on the side of the car, and said, “He’s fast.”

“Oh, Parker Johnstone” I said (of NSX Championship fame). Yeah, he’s fast. I think the car is, too. Hide your Toyotas and your Nissans, guys. Parker Johnstone in an S2000 is gonna hurt!

I also saw this interesting Lotus for sale on a trailer. Looked a little rough. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a couple of rattle cans. Too bad about the flat tire, though.

Lotus on trailer at SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

Look at that poor kid peeking through the fence at the pits. Those SOVREN people are mean. Somebody should let him in (not me—I’m busy taking his photo).

Melancholy child peeking through fence at race cars during SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022

SOVREN Spring Sprints 2022 Photo Gallery