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Siata 208S Spyder – Classic Cars for Sale

Siata 208S for saleThe latest episode in Sports Car Digest’s look back at classified advertisements features a 1953 Siata 208S Spyder that was offered for sale in the September 1964 issue of Road & Track for $4,000.

Created by Societa Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori (SIATA), these magnificent Italian wonders were powered by Fiat’s famed two liter “Otto Vu” or 8V engine. Only 37 Siata 208S Spyders were built in 1953-54, and they are highly eligible for any on or off road automotive event that you would desire, including the Mille Miglia.

The owner of this “absolutely concours” Siata 208S said that it won 1st in class at the 1964 Bakersfield auto show, speaking volumes about its condition at the time. (Or something like that). The seller also reported many “improvements over original such as dual master brake cylinders…custom dash.” We hate to see the latter upgrade listed, but we do appreciate the additional complete engine with Siata 208S for saleWebers, plus gearbox and differential.

Although the Cars That Matter September – December 2008 price guide suggests $307,000 – $462,000 price for a Siata 208S, SCD feels that level could be way, way too low. Consider this Pebble Beach class-winning Siata that reportedly sold near its $1,150,000 asking price, showing that condition #1 cars with good provenance are clearly desired in the marketplace. And we will repeat that this Siata won 1st in class at the 1964 Bakersfield auto show.

Therefore, if you peg the present value of the Bakersfield winner at $1,000,000, your $4,000 Siata 208S Spyder purchase would have returned an annualized 13% since 1964 – not too shabby.

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[Source: Road & Track]