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Bonhams & Butterfields announced the consignment of the collection of former professional 1973 Ferrari 368 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder, formerly owned by Evil Knievelbaseball player, five-time World Series title holder, Hall of Fame inductee, and lifetime car aficionado Reggie Jackson.

Of particular note in the collection is this 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder, chassis number 16835, formerly owned by famed motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel who, after suffering his famous crash attempting to jump the fountains of Caesar’s Palace, was no longer able to get into the car and sold it to celebrated radio DJ Frankie Crocker. In 1997 Crocker sold the original condition, Pininfarina-coachbuilt car to Jackson.
The baseball legend, most remembered for playing with the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics, has always been enamored with cars and was fortunate enough to have a career that allowed him to indulge this passion. This particular Daytona Spyder, one of three that he’s owned, has by far the most interesting provenance. As for Jackson’s interest in this particular model, he says, “It’s probably the first muscle car Ferrari made. The 275 was an attempt and might have been close at the time but the 4-cam 365 V-12 steered and drove like a muscle car. It has more power, like a Mopar in its day, just with different RPM and gearing.” He adds, “I love the lines, the styling, the power and particularly the sound. The Daytona sounds great!”

With incredible performance and handsome, predatory looks the Daytona Spyder is a strong, reliable Italian automobile that sports a comfortable interior with many amenities, something not altogether too common in similar cars of the period. The popularity of this model has grown exponentially since production ended in 1973 and many hard-top Berlinettas have been decapitated in attempts to duplicate the style and flair of the limited production Spyder.

Not only is this particular car authentic and original in every respect, but of the three owners in the car’s history each has been a celebrity, making it probably the only Ferrari in the world with that distinction.

Other notable “muscle cars” from the Jackson collection to be offered alongside the Ferrari, include a Big Brake-equipped 1961 Chevy Corvette Fuel Injected Convertible, a Tiger Gold 1965 Pontiac GTO and a 1969 Chevy Camaro COPO ZL-1 Coupe. Additionally, Bonhams will be featuring several rare and important competition cars at the same auction, such as the one and only 1939 Auto Union D-Type GP, the ex-works 1952 SIATA 208CS Berlinetta, and the 1950 Grand Prix de Paris-winning Ecurie Belgique 1948 Talbot-Lago T26C, to name just a few.

This auction takes place during the Monterey Car Week on Friday, August 14th at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley, California, with a preview being hosted the day prior. Please note that while the adjacent Quail Motorsports Gathering is sold out, entry to the Bonhams & Butterfields’ preview and auction does not require a ticket and all are welcome.

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  1. Just another Daytona which are common as dirt. Sorry, these cars
    are bland looking and BORING in my opinion. This car should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Auto Union, Siata 208CS, etc.

    Cliff Reuter

    1. Cliff needs to take the stick out of his rear end, take a deep breath & enjoy life. he is a BORING, bland person that likely will be hit by a Hummer at the next auction.

      1. I love life just not Daytonas which are heavy ill handling
        street cars. Sorry, I just respect racing cars much more
        than street cars which they made hundreds of. Of course this
        is only my opinion but this is a forum for opinions, yes?
        At the next auction which for me is RM Monterey I’ll be up on
        stage when they auction my Father’s old 166MM which was Dino
        Ferrari’s special project with Scaglietti, and the first Scaglietti bodied Ferrari ever made. Riocard, have you ever heard of a 166MM?

  2. I’d beg to differ. Not to limit myself to the spyder, I still think the Daytona is a classic long hood, short deck shape, Look at some of the cars that came later, the original Datsun/Nissan Z coming to mind. Look at how the Daytona influenced its shape. And the Toyota Supra. And the Mazda RX7,

    1. You have made my point for me, 240Z, Supra, RX7? These are cars
      that will be displayed this year at the Concours d’Ignorance!
      No offence intended, it really is a show in Monterey!!

      1. Ignorance, maybe or maybe not, but the fact is if owners of any of the Japanese sports cars, classic Zs or not, think they will be collectable in the same sense as a Ferrari, Porsche, or even a Corvette, they are sadly mistaken. We’re talking about cars from mass-production manufacturers, not specialized builders.

  3. The facts are this;
    1) The Ferrari 365 GTB4 “Daytona” was the fastest production car in the world when it was introduced and it also came with 4 wheel disc brakes back in 1968!
    2)It is a classic and the prices reflect this no matter what other opinions are given!
    3)If you have ever driven one or owned one you would then understand why people love this machine! It was way ahead of its time and it has been my pleasure to own this piece of Ferrari history.

    1. OK,
      They are nice cars and I love all Ferraris, but for the money
      for a Daytona Spyder you could have a 550 Spyder, an OSCA, a 1952 Ferrari 225S ‘Sport’ Berlinetta Vignale, a Bandini, a Stanguellini, an Abarth 207, a Giaur, and so many more RACING cars with race history etc. Again only my opinion guys!!

    1. And you are basing this upon one trade at Scottsdale?? I’m sorry, but that is as baseless as your original argument that Daytonas are common as dirt and boring. Stick with what you know – etceterini.