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Posterior XKD

The Jaguar XKD-Type is perhaps one of my favorite auto designs ever. Introduced in 1954 as a replacement to the C-Type, it had many new innovations, such as disc brakes. Everything about the D-Type, from its riveted aluminum body panels, leather-lined cockpit and thin wood-rimmed steering wheel, to its 6-cylinder power plant and Dunlop wheel-rims, makes it literally a piece of art created to go racing. With so few in existence, to see one race today at a vintage event—let alone stand next to one—can make one feel special.

This being one of the early short-nose D-Types with optional tail fin, (British Racing Green paint doesn’t hurt either) I find it to be the best-looking combination. A few past drivers who tickled the belly of one of these cats were the great Mike Hawthorn, Briggs Cunningham and Stirling Moss.

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