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Penrite-to-Kitome, Winton Raceway, AUS

When asked to describe one of my favorite sections of racetracks in Australia, very quickly I thought of Winton Motor Raceway, a 1.86-mile circuit just outside of Wangaratta, northeast of Melbourne. It holds club, vintage and professional racing events every year, including the awesome Aussie V-8 touring cars and the Australian Historic Motor Festival.

My first trips around the track were in a Holden-Reynard formula car. One complex that continued to challenge the car, my skill, and more importantly, my bravery, was a tight, connected series of three banked hairpins, Penrite (Turn 7), Turn 8 and Kitome (Turn 9). Even though I’m not particularly fond of hairpins, this complex is fun, extremely challenging—and even a little intimidating.

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