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My Life With Maurice

Maurice Trintignant, at the wheel of the Bugatti 51 (that his brother was killed in), during the 1939 Pau Grand Prix. Photo: Maurice Louche

I first met Maurice at the Castle of Galifet in 1979 or 1980 at a funeral. It was a funeral of a very dear friend of my father who also happened to be a friend of his family. So he attended the funeral, I attended the funeral, and that’s how we met. Soon thereafter we were married and Maurice quickly instilled in me his passion for Formula 1. Over the years he told me so many stories of his racing days.

Maurice’s racing career did not start until after his brother Louis was killed in a race at Péronne in 1933. Strangely enough, Maurice started racing in the very car that his brother was killed in, which for some is difficult to comprehend until you know the whole story. While some may not believe it, according to Maurice, the night before the race he had a nightmare. And the nightmare was, his brother was dying in a car crash. The next day his brother was dead. Maurice was 16 at the time. It obviously affected him a lot.

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