Mille Miglia 2011

Mille Miglia 2011 Information

The Mille Miglia 2011 will take place Wednesday, May 11th (optional), to Sunday, May 15th, running clockwise from Brescia to Rome and back, on the fabled Mille Miglia roads crossing seven regions: Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, the Marches, Umbria and Lazio on the way down, adding Tuscany on the way back.

The Mille Miglia 2011 route goes through some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Other than than Brescia and Rome, the race will pass by Bologna, Gambettola, Sansepolcro, Spoleto, Rieti on the way to the capital and Viterbo, Siena, Firenze, Reggio Emilia, Parma e Cremona on the way back.

New time trials will be scheduled for Umbria on the way, and also in Tuscany on the way back.

Each road has its history, its anecdotes, its traditions. The eighty some years since the first Mille Miglia have seen changes along the roadside, as has Italy, but something unchangeable and unchanging remains: the passion inspired by the Freccia Rossa, symbol of the Mille Miglia.

Applications for entry into the Mille Miglia 2011 are now open and will close on Sunday, December 19th, 2010. Participation is limited to makes and models of cars, manufactured between 1927 and 1957, that took part in at least of the original Mille Miglia races. These cars must be exclusively originals. Replicas, even partial ones, are not permitted to enter.

Similar as in last year’s race, there will be a “target table” to encourage a wider and more varied range of participating cars. The goal is to give more space, in each race, to the models that were least present in the years before. This year’s selection committee will give precedence to the cars that fall in the age range dating from 1935 and 1952.

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