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Mid-Ohio “Madness”: Turns 7, 8, & 9

The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is one of America’s most technical and challenging circuits, as most corners involve both radius and elevation changes. Only two of its 14 turns (Turn 1 and the Keyhole) stand alone; the rest are in combinations or sequences. Turns 7-8-9, also known as “Madness,” are among the most challenging, rewarding, and just plain fun corner complexes anywhere.

Turn 7 (a fast right) begins this sequence at the end of Mid-Ohio’s longest straight, making it a type-2 (extend the straightaway speed) turn. To find your braking point, start braking early and then move it in a bit at a time, so that you are initiating turn-in at a point and speed where your arc will enable you to hit the apex and require you to track out using virtually all the road. Because 7 is both downhill and well-banked, it’s fast, so don’t overbrake; instead, flow speed in by balancing the car on power from turn-in.

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