Mecum Original Spring Classic 2013 – Auction Report

Mecum Indianapolis Original Spring Classic 2013 – Auction Report Page Nine

1960 Watson Replica Indy Roadster
Lot # S281 1960 Watson Replica Indy Roadster; S/N BILL OF SALE; Metallic Blue/Red vinyl; Facsimile restoration, 2 condition; Not sold at Hammer bid of $55,000 $55,000. – Alfa 4-cylinder, 5-speed, offset suspension, 4-wheel disc brakes, centerlock kidney bean wheels, Michelin road tires – Very nicely done throughout with very good cosmetics and lots of chrome. – Someone turns these out in quantity but the resemblance to a Watson Roadster ends with the layout and the dual overhead camshafts of the Alfa engine. A relatively pointless exercise, but extremely well built.
1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible
Lot # T005 1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible; S/N E62333; Yellow, White/yellow, White vinyl; White vinyl top; Visually maintained, largely original, 3- condition; Hammered Sold at $14,500 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $15,515. – Hubcaps, whitewalls, chrome ring rear spare, alternator, headlight eyebrows – A superficial cosmetic restoration, but cheery, lemon sorbet over vanilla ice cream, colors. Grubby engine, poor fitting top, pitted trim chrome. Dashboard is especially superficially redone. – Nasty, and no bargain even at this modest price.
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible
Lot # T011 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible; S/N 3J67K2M155345; Red, White stripes/White; White vinyl top; Facsimile restoration, 3- condition; Hammered Sold at $29,000 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $31,030. – 4-barrel, P/S, P/B, A/C, Faux 4-4-2. Buckets and console, A/C, remote outside mirror, AM-FM. sport steering wheel, Magnum wheels, Radial T/A tires – Crude, heavy fiberglass Ram Air hood with pins. Good paint, chrome, interior and top. Clean and orderly engine compartment and underbody. A usable driver. – There are better ways to spend Thirty Large than on this faux-faux-two. It would probably be worth more without the 4-4-2 gimmicks.
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible
Lot # T017 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible; S/N 3J67K2M138570; Red/White; White vinyl top; Cosmetic restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $24,000 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $25,680. – 350/180hp, 4-barrel, automatic, P/S. P/B, A/C, Rally wheels with trim rings, F70-15 Polyglas tires, bench seat, pushbutton radio – A thorough cosmetic restoration with good paint, chrome, interior, top, engine compartment and underbody. A very nice cruiser. Runs well. – Sold at Branson Fall in 2009 for $18,900 and at Mecum Dallas last September for $31,800. A largely sound and responsibly presented cosmetically restored Cutlass that brought a reasonable price here in Indy.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro 2-Dr. Hardtop
Lot # T018 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 2-Dr. Hardtop; S/N 124377N182730; Gold, Black stripes/Gold vinyl; Modified restoration, 3- condition; Hammered Sold at $21,500 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $23,005. – 327/210hp with Edelbrock intake and 4-barrel, 3-speed, no P/S or P/B, pushbutton radio, aftermarket gauges, wide chrome wheels, Radial T/A tires, decklid spoiler, console, Hurst shifter – Good recent repaint on flat, straight panels, sound chrome and interior. Cracked steering wheel with ugly, pitted center. Pitted vent window chrome. Orderly engine. Documented with Protect-o-Plate. An enjoyable if unremarkable Z/28-look Camaro. – Reported sold here last year for $28,620 and a better value this year.
1964 Chrysler 300K Convertible
Lot # T064 1964 Chrysler 300K Convertible; S/N 8443177648; White/Blue; White vinyl top; Unrestored original, 3- condition; Hammered Sold at $12,000 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $12,840. – 413/360hp, automatic, P/S, P/B. P/W, power seats, buckets and console, pushbutton radio, vacuum gauge, chrome Magma wheels, narrow whitewall radials – Aged largely original car with dull paint, worn, peeling door panels, scuffed stainless, and lots more. Sound, straight California car that is begging for a light restoration. – This 300K’s many needs are fully built into this price. The new owner has room to make it better, if not perfect, at this responsible price. A sound value.
1919 Ford Model T Touring
Lot # T068 1919 Ford Model T Touring; S/N 3141411; Maroon, Black fenders/Black leatherette; Black top; Recent restoration, 2+ condition; Hammered Sold at $17,500 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $18,725. – Wood spoke wheels, blackwall tires, winged Motometer, electric starter, rear mounted spare – Very attractively restored with handsome paint, interior and top. Better than new. – Always attractive, Mecum Indy with its overload of American Muscle and Pony might not be the best venue for a Model T. This one is restored to high standards (for a Model T) and sold for a modest price, a good value.
1938 Closky HAL Sprint Car
Lot # T076.1 1938 Closky HAL Sprint Car; S/N; Engine # 113; Yellow, Blue stripe and chassis/Blue leather; Competition restoration, 2- condition; Not sold at Hammer bid of $31,000 $31,000. – Four-cylinder Ford with HAL DOHC head, dual Winfield side draft carbs, 4-wheel foot pedal operated hydraulic brakes, transverse leaf spring suspension, friction shocks, Dayton centerlock wire wheels, gear reduction electric starter, Ford 3-speed gearbox, quickchange axle center section, chrome rollbar – An older restoration to very good vintage race condition Shows use and age but still very presentable and appears to be ready to race. Set up for road racing with 4-wheel brakes, gearbox and Dunlop Racing tires. – Couldn’t be built for this price and set up for modern drivers’ feet, at this price or anything close to it this would be an exceptional value with plenty of places to exercise it.
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster
Lot # T079.1 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster; S/N 30867S110069; Engine # F0226SD 3110069; Daytona Blue/Saddle leather; Black vinyl top; Older restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $41,250 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $44,138. – 327/300hp, Powerglide, P/S, P/B, AM-FM, P/W, Rally wheels with trim rings, red line radial tires – Good paint, chrome, glass and top. Very orderly engine compartment. Thoroughly restored some time ago and then driven. Represented as numbers-matching engine. Condition today is consistent with the 1,102 miles on the odometer since restoration. The color scheme is especially attractive and the leather interior is inviting. The whole car is perfectly matched to the Powerglide. – Most collector Corvettes of this era have 4-speeds. The 2,621 Powerglide ’63 Corvettes are largely lost which makes this one somewhat unusual. The value is discounted by the Powerglide (which Jim Hall proved was highly effective on his Chaparrals) and makes for a quality older restored Corvette at a modest price.
1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback
Lot # T087 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback; S/N 9R02S106637; Black/Black vinyl; Modified restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $38,000 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $40,660. No Reserve – Modified 390/320hp, 4-speed, fiberglass hood with scoop, 5-spoke Shelby wheels, Radial T/A tires, P/S, P/B, pushbutton radio, Hurst shifter, console, Hooker headers – Decent repaint, good chrome and interior. Dusty and used. An interesting and unusual but not particularly good car with material modifications. – The presentation of this Mach 1 is unusual in the current car collecting environment but should not be unexpected. Old Mustangs (and Camaros and ‘Cudas and Chevelles and Fairlanes) frequently got just this sort of treatment by their second or third owners. What’s unusual is that by now most have been returned to stock configuration to cater to the collector market. This artifact of 70’s imagination will probably soon get the same treatment, which can be absorbed at modest cost. It’s a sound value at this price.
1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon
Lot # T122 1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon; S/N A1766832; Red, Black fenders/Brown leatherette; Rebodied or re-created, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $19,000 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $20,330. – Single sidemount, whitewalls, alternator, radiator stoneguard, Red wire wheels, two row seating, no side curtains – Good paint and chrome, sound interior. Repro bodywork with nailer panels at roof joints. Body needs varnish but isn’t waterstained yet. Scuffed stainless headlight housings. A showy driver and parade car but no more than that. – Sold at Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach in 2007 for $33,000 in essentially the same condition, it is a fun parade car or weekend errand runner at an entirely reasonable price even with the made-up body.
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad 2-Dr. Station Wagon
Lot # T165 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad 2-Dr. Station Wagon; S/N VC57L112661; Sierra Gold, Beige roof/White vinyl, Black cloth; Older restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $49,000 plus commission of 7.00%; Final Price $52,430. – 283/220hp Power Pack, Powerglide, P/S, P/B, A/C, P/W, power seat, WonderBar radio, Autronic Eye, stoplight viewer, dual outside mirrors, tissue dispenser, smokeless ashtray, spinner wheel covers, whitewalls, electric wipers, windshield washer – 14,812 miles. Decent but aged old restoration that is sound but not fresh. Amazing complement of options. A highly desirable car but needs a comprehensive detailing. Paint and interior are very good. So is the major chrome, but some trim is scuffed and dull. – This Nomad leaves no options box unchecked, a comprehensive list of pretty much everything that could be had on a Chevy Bel Air in 1957. It was sold here in 2009 for $57,240 and is an even better buy today. Balancing the low miles against the neglected condition, it is a very good value for the money.