Mecum Dallas 2016 – Auction Report

Mecum Dallas 2016 – Auction Report Page Nine

1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe
Lot # S206 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Coupe; S/N 9114400260; Engine # 6341472; Bitter Chocolate, Gold Carrera graphics/Brown; Visually maintained, largely original, 2- condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $70,000 – Black Fuchs wheels, store brand tires, duck tail spoiler, air conditioning, Bosch fog lights, Koni shocks, oil cooler, air conditioning. – Found in California painted black, then painted original Bitter Chocolate. Showing 81,527 miles. Paint is recent and very good. Recent service on brakes and new clutch. Very good original interior. A sorted, very good car, but never fully restored because it never needed to be. – The colors may be rare but the car isn’t and the reported high bid here is anticipating some staggering value in the future. The seller’s expectations should be adjusted to somewhere under this bid.
1937 Morgan F4 Roadster
Lot # S211 1937 Morgan F4 Roadster; S/N F373; Green, Black fenders/Black vinyl; Older restoration, 3- condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $16,000 – 933/36hp Ford side-valve engine, 4-speed, painted wire wheels, Coker tires, dual wing mirrors, modern lap belts, original Smiths speedometer, later Smiths oil pressure gauge, banjo steering wheel, side exhaust. – Rear wheel looks cocked to one side. Dull old paint and brightwork. Lots of scratches on the hood. Plenty of dirt and wear underneath. Lightly worn inside as well. In driver condition, and bordering on being in need of restoration, even though it is represented as having a body-off redo in 2001. Still looks like a barrel of laughs, though, even if the speedo only goes up to 70. – Sold at Branson Spring in 2014 for $21,330 and no better here for the passage of time. While the sidevalve four doesn’t have the appeal of the vee twin motorcycle engined Morgans it will get its owner into the same events and the model even has proved itself on track. Unsold here, the seller took it to the Leake Dallas auction two weeks later and let it go for $19,500 hammer, $21,450 with commission, essentially the same price it brought two years ago in Branson, but a barrel of laughs in the meantime.
1974 Jensen Interceptor III Convertible
Lot # S212 1974 Jensen Interceptor III Convertible; S/N 23111492; Metallic Burgundy/Light Brown leather piped in Dark Brown; Brown top; Visually maintained, largely original, 3- condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $50,000 – 440/230hp, automatic, Michelin all season tires, brown leather boot cover, wood dash and console, dash clock, air conditioning, power windows, Pioneer CD stereo. – Old repaint with several blisters and cracks around the front and edges of the hood. Several small touch ups on the right front fender. Paint coming off of the wheels. Tidy underneath but unrestored. Some fine cracks in the interior wood. Lightly worn switchgear. Very good, lightly worn original upholstery. An inherently cool cruiser with livable but noticeable flaws. – Sold by Barrett-Jackson in 2001 for $18,425 and at the Kruse Phoenix auction in 2005 for $22,410. Interceptor convertibles can be worth twice as much as coupes, but even so, the reported high bid was entirely appropriate for this car’s somewhat tired condition and should have seen the car go to a new home if there was money close to it.
1993 Cadillac Allante Convertible, Body by Pininfarina
Lot # T19 1993 Cadillac Allante Convertible, Body by Pininfarina; S/N 1G6VS3397PU100033; Mary Kay Pearl Pink/Black vinyl; Unrestored original, 3+ condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $3,750 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $4,125 – Power windows, climate control, factory radio, two tops. – A Mary Kay Pink Allante, apparently one of 17 known to exist. Initially these were lease cars and a lot of them went back to Cadillac for color change. Brightwork is dull. Paint is sound and has no blemishes but has lost a lot of its luster. Fine cracks in the taillight lenses. Lightly worn seats but otherwise good interior. Wheels are tired. A bit gender specific, and really tired and not in great shape. Too bad Barbie already has a Corvette. – Hammered not sold at Leake Tulsa last year at a high bid of $6,250, which now looks like a missed opportunity. The car got a deserved knock for its used condition, but got another one since most of the folks in Dallas weren’t secure enough to bid on a tired pink car.
1965 Mercedes-Benz 190C Sedan
Lot # T31 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190C Sedan; S/N 11001010067150; Red/Beige vinyl; Visually maintained, largely original, 3- condition; No Reserve; Hammered Sold at $8,250 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $9,075 – 1897/90hp, 4-speed, hub caps but no trim rings, store brand narrow whitewalls, bucket seats, column shift, VDO dash clock, aftermarket air suspension. – Chassis was undercoated at some point but has seen a lot of use since. Tired old respray with several chips and crude touch ups on the hood. Dirty wheels and tires. Cracked window gaskets. Scratched up window frames. Dull, scratched brightwork. Very cracked steering wheel rim. A few small stains on the beige carpet. A humble sedan in humble condition. – And bought for a humble (but appropriate) price. This is the base for M-B’s 190SL Roadster which even off the top of its market still commands serious money. Put a couple of Webers and a strong camshaft on this 190 sedan and enjoy all the thrills of a 190SL with room for the kids and grandkids for one tenth the price.
1972 MG B GT Coupe
Lot # T47 1972 MG B GT Coupe; S/N GHD5UC273539G; Green/Tan leather; Recent restoration, 2- condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $13,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $14,850 – 1798/95hp, 4-speed, woodrim steering wheel, wood shift knob, wood dash, Pioneer CD stereo. – Represented with new engine and transmission. Wood interior trim is incorrect but attractive. Recently undercoated chassis. Decent older chrome. Sound older paint with some light detailing scratches and a masking error under the right rear quarter window. Lightly scratched rear window. Lightly worn seats, but otherwise the restored interior is fantastic. Not a showstopper, but better than the vast majority of B GTs on the road. – A spot on, straightforward result for an attractive, sorted car with a few flaws but which has the promise of being well sorted, looked after and satisfying.
1956 Heinkel 153 Coupe
Lot # T119 1956 Heinkel 153 Coupe; S/N 301325; Blue, White/Gray vinyl; Visually maintained, largely original, 3- condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $31,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $34,650 – Wheel covers, folding vinyl top, 4-speed plus reverse. – Tired old paint and brightwork with lots of small chips, cracks and scratches throughout. Cracking window gaskets. Very worn interior with lots of paint coming off of the steering wheel. A little grimy underneath but no rust or anything. Largely original and tired but unusual and interesting little three-wheeled microcar. – Sold at Kissimmee in 2014 for $29,160 then no-saled in December 2014 in Austin on a $17,500 bid, this Heinkel is cute, but maybe not as cute as this price suggests.
1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 Pickup
Lot # T123.1 1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 Pickup; S/N 138808Z160725; Black, Black vinyl roof, Red nose stripe/Black vinyl; Older restoration, 3+ condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $27,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $29,700 – 396/325hp, automatic, Rally wheels, red line tires, dual mirrors, bench seat, column shift, factory radio, factory air conditioning. – Represented as body-off restored three years ago with matching numbers engine. Tidy restored engine bay. Good, not excellent paint and chrome. Factory gaps. Very good new roof vinyl. Lightly scratched up bed. Very good interior with new seats and carpets. Dash and gauges are original but good. – The auction history of this car calls the ‘restored three years ago’ representation into question. It was sold at Barrett-Jackson in 2005 for $29,700, then at Ft. Lauderdale in 2012 for $23,100. If it was restored since Ft. Lauderdale the seller took a huge loss. If it wasn’t this is a realistic price for a decent El Camino that doesn’t meet the definition of ‘restored’.
1968 Jaguar XKE SI.5 Coupe 2+2
Lot # T133 1968 Jaguar XKE SI.5 Coupe 2+2; S/N 1E78821; Primrose Yellow/Black leather; Cosmetic restoration, 3 condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $33,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $36,850 – Centerlock wire wheels, Vredestein Sprint Classic tires, aftermarket ignition, woodrim steering wheel, Pioneer pushbutton radio. – Sound, lightly faded 1980s repaint. Wiper scratches on the windshield. Tidy but used engine bay. Lightly worn replacement upholstery, but the rest of the interior is original and fairly worn. Represented with recent mechanical and cosmetic restoration 1,000 miles ago, but that’s using the term restoration loosely. It’s a car that’s gotten intermittent restoration work and been recently gone over, but has never been thoroughly restored and today is a driver. – A driver bought for driver money, and a transaction both parties can be satisfied with.