Mecum Dallas 2016 – Auction Report

Mecum Dallas 2016 – Auction Report Page Three

2004 Pontiac GTO Coupe
Lot # F51 2004 Pontiac GTO Coupe; S/N 6G2VX12G341291123; Yellow Devil/Black leather; Unrestored original, 3 condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $11,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $12,100 – 5.7/350hp, automatic, Blaupunkt CD stereo, power windows, etc. – Cloudy headlight lenses. Several sizable chips on the nose. Big chip on the right front fender. Paint on the spoiler does not even come close to matching the body. Good, lightly worn seats and interior, although some suede is coming loose from the edge of the passenger’s side door panel. A used car showing 45,148 miles. – Your humble editor has one of these, a 2005 in Phantom Black with a six-speed, and it is one of the most enjoyable, satisfying, good-driving cars on the road. This one’s old 4-speed automatic can only be a disappointment, and the Yellow Devil paint counteracts the bland Holden Monaro design and invites the interest of State Troopers but for this price there is not much else that is so much fun to own and drive, even long distances.
1975 International (IHC) Scout II XLC Pickup 4x4
Lot # S10 1975 International (IHC) Scout II XLC Pickup 4×4; S/N E0062EGD19333; Dark Blue, Cream grille/Brown vinyl; Visually maintained, largely original, 4 condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $4,500 – 345/168hp V-8, automatic, Pirelli Norseman tires, roll bar, dual mirrors, console, aftermarket woodrim steering wheel, dash clock, aftermarket radio. – Terrible paint with microblisters all over. Dull brightwork. The hood sticks up on the right side. Radio antenna is loose and bounces around freely. Interior is rough with dust, dirt and scratches everywhere. Oxidation on the frame but nothing worse than surface rust. Doors stick out at the bottom. Unless you bought this to be the runabout on your cattle farm, this thing is really too tired to enjoy as-is, but it’s neat and restorable. – This is a Scout that needs fixing, so the buyer did well to put so little down on the purchase price, which is definitely on the cheap side for a Scout with these specs. It is relevant to compare it with a Land Cruiser which is comparable in terms of rugged build and off-road performance. The bidders here missed the opportunity, but the seller has options to make it better and still be in the money.
1970 Datsun 1600 Convertible
Lot # S16.1 1970 Datsun 1600 Convertible; S/N SPL31127898; Red/Black vinyl with cloth inserts; Black top; Enthusiast restoration, 3- condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $16,000 – American Racing wheels, dual mirrors, black vinyl boot cover, console, factory pushbutton radio as well as aftermarket cassette stereo, dash clock. – Dirty, tired engine bay with hoses and lines cut to fit and tow straps holding the battery. Lightly scratched bumpers. Good older repaint. Dirty wheels. Road wear underneath. Rough interior with worn switchgear, foggy gauges, and material on the console is peeling off. Represented as restored, but it was superficial job done a while ago and on a budget. It’s currently in presentable driver condition. – Rarer, more valuable, and some would say better than the MGBs they look so similar to, these Datsun Roadsters are nevertheless still bargain classic sports cars, especially these earlier SPL cars. This example is far from perfect, and the reported high bid should have been taken if there was money close to it.
1950 GMC FC101 Pickup
Lot # S18 1950 GMC FC101 Pickup; S/N FC10166730; Green, Black fenders/Black vinyl; Truck restoration, 2- condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $26,000 – 228/96hp six, 3-speed, hub caps, whitewalls, dual mirrors, wood bed, floor shift, later radio, factory fog lights. – Body-off restored five years ago. Good paint. Very tidy underneath. Good brightwork other than the mirrors, which have old rusty screws holding them on. Wood in the bed is a little dry and cracking. Very good interior. Not perfect, but still very attractive – Sold earlier this year at Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach for $40,700, a result that is nothing if not a stupendous price for a truck restoration done a while ago. It didn’t come close to that here, nor did it deserve to, although it could have split the difference without being out of line.
1963 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
Lot # S28 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible; S/N 863P267885; Silver/Gray, Black vinyl; White vinyl top; Visually maintained, largely original, 3 condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $22,000 – 389/303hp, automatic, eight-lug wheels, narrow whitewalls, white vinyl boot cover, bench seat, column shift, factory air conditioning, Super Deluxe radio, dash clock, rear seat speaker. – Represented with ‘believed to be’ 98,532 miles and original interior. Fairly tired old repaint. Two large touch ups on the left front fender. Microblisters on the trunk lid. Small dents in the rocker trim. Lightly pitted rear bumper. Uneven gaps. A few spots of light oxidation on the frame. Boot cover is discolored, original interior is actually very good. You could probably enjoy this car casually as is, but it would be better to have a straightforward restoration, or at least give it new paint and chrome. – Even with the 8-lug wheels the reported high bid here is ample for the condition of this Bonneville and its seriously flawed paint. The trouble is that repainting it (correctly) is expensive and doesn’t address its other issues. Once started a cosmetic restoration by anyone other than the most conscientious owner will soon bring in so many other things that ‘should’ be addressed and costs will escalate out of control. This bid is parsimonious but recognizes the issues and is realistic.
1971 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT Styleside Short Bed
Lot # S42 1971 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT Styleside Short Bed; S/N F10YNL61813; Light Green, Lighter Green/Dark Green vinyl; Visually maintained, largely original, 3 condition; No Reserve; Hammered Sold at $14,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $15,950 – 360/215hp, automatic, factory air conditioning, power steering, dual exhaust, column shift, factory cassette stereo. – Dull brightwork. Small dent in the left side of the hood. Some paint runs on the driver’s side front door edge. Gloppy, uneven finish in the bed. Remarkably clean and dry frame. Cracks in the steering wheel rim but sound, lightly aged interior for the most part. A mostly original truck with a quick and cheap respray. – A truck that can be driven (particularly with the scruffy bed) on weekend errands or will do yeoman service hauling a vintage race car, particularly with the rugged 360 V-8. The price it brought makes perfect sense for both the buyer and the seller.
1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi 2-Dr. Hardtop
Lot # S47 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi 2-Dr. Hardtop; S/N RM21J9A249020; Seafoam Turquoise Metallic, Black stripes and vinyl roof/Black vinyl; Cosmetic restoration, 3+ condition; With Reserve; Not sold at Hammer bid of $90,000 – 426/425hp, 4-speed, hub caps, Goodyear red line tires, Sure Grip, power steering, power brakes, bench seat, Hurst shifter, factory radio, aftermarket tach, air grabber hood, broadcast sheet documented. – Well maintained and cleaned up but mostly original engine bay. Tidy and original underbody. Very good turquoise paint and chrome. Good roof vinyl other than the seam on the right side sticking up a bit. Both doors stick out a few millimeters at the bottom. Very good interior. Lightly pitted brightwork. A straightforward and attractive cosmetic restoration on a car that’s solid underneath. – Hammered not sold at Mecum Chicago in 2014 at a high bid of $65,000. While that result was way light for a documented Hemi Road Runner, the reported high bid here was pretty close and probably could have been taken without too much regret. Hemi-madness has tapered off and this is a realistic bid in today’s environment.
1987 Buick Regal GNX 2-Dr. Hardtop
Lot # S58 1987 Buick Regal GNX 2-Dr. Hardtop; S/N 1G4GJ1175HP453168; Black/Black, Gray cloth; Visually maintained, largely original, 3+ condition; With Reserve; Hammered Sold at $44,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $48,400 – Power windows, climate control, factory cassette stereo. – 100 miles on rebuilt engine. Various new interior trim. New weather stripping. Tidy used engine bay. Fairly dull original paint. Console is warped a little bit. Mostly good interior. Showing 63,292 believable miles. Definitely not the world’s best, but it’s sorted with recent refurbishment, and if you want one to drive rather than to collect, this would be a good choice. – Sold at the Leake OK City auction in February 2014 for $37,950, then hammered not sold at Mecum Houston a few months ago at a high bid of $42,500. The car still deserves quite a bit more, but the seller decided to let it go and the buyer wound up with a sound, usable GNX with a rebuilt engine for not much more than a good example of a regular ’87 Grand National.