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The Making of the Film Genevieve

Rodney Loredo’s recent book ‘A Darracq Called Genevieve – the story of veteran motoring’s most famous car’ traces his life long fascination for the 1953 Oscar nominated film Genevieve, the Darracq itself (including the various owners in Australia, New Zealand and Europe), an insight into the annual London to Brighton Vintage Car Run and his relationship with the actress Dinah Sheridan. What follows is the interesting tale of how the movie came to be…or rather almost didn’t come to be.

Releases of the film Genevieve over the past few decades have helped to keep it in the minds of cinema and television audiences around the globe. The story is as topical now as it was in the early 1950s; perhaps there are some present-day London to Brighton participants for whom the reality of the screen adaptation can run a bit too close for comfort!

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