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London Classic Car Show 2021

London Classic Car Show 2021 Celebrates the Amazing Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-type, one of the most admired and acclaimed cars in the history of automobiles, will be celebrating the diamond anniversary in style next year at The London Classic Car Show 2021 (April 16-18).

It was only rececently confirmed that the premier event for classic car collectors, purveyors, and enthusiasts will be moved to the historic grounds of Syon Park, a new venue that is Covid-compliant. The event, although planned to be held outdoors, will be covered with social distancing guidelines to be followed. Tickets are now on sale and Early Bird bookings are also entitled to significant discounts. 

London Classic Car Show 2021

The central theme of The London Classic Car Show 2021 will be “The Evolution of Design” and will feature influential cars across the automotive ages spanning 135 years of motoring, with the iconic E-type being the perfect example. 

The Jaguar E-type was launched in 1961, and almost immediately the sportster not only set a new standard in automotive design, but it also defined its generation. Even Enzo Ferrari himself described the Jaguar E-type as “the most beautiful car ever made”.

Jaguar E Type at London Classic Car Show 2021

“As London started to swing, the E-type quickly became every bit as synonymous with the fun-loving cultural revolution as The Kings Road, Carnaby Street, the mini skirt, Biba and The Beatles.?In so many ways, the capital city is the E-type’s spiritual home and that’s why we are so excited to be honoring its momentous 60th?birthday with special showcases at next year’s The London Classic Car Show.” 

Mark Woolley, Show Director

Adding more weight to the rescheduling of the event at Syon Park is that the weekend chosen falls quite close to the real birth date of the Jaguar E-type. 

It was during the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961 that Jaguar took the world by storm when they unveiled the E-type to the public. Despite its distinct and glamorous looks, the two-seater coupe could run 150+mph, but at a fraction of the cost of its rivals with similar performance. 

Jaguar E-type

“The E-type really had it all. It was a fast supercar, relatively affordable, uber-trendy and blessed with simply stunning styling. No wonder it became so fashionable and the car of choice for all the major top celebrities, whether movie stars, supermodels, sporting heroes or chart-topping pop stars.” 

George Harrison
George Harrison in front of the Jaguar E-Type. Source: Fuelfed

Noted celebrities and personalities have that have owned the E-type including Peter Sellers, Tony Curtis, Charlton Heston, George Harrison, Frank Sinatra, Bridget Bardot, Princess Grace, George Best, and of course Austin Powers!  

As part of the 60th-anniversary celebration, there will be a variety of special E-type vehicles curated for The London Classic Car Show 2021. Prominent dealers, restorers, and even specialists are being invited to join the party with leading Jaguar car clubs in the country. 

E-Type Jaguar

Tickets for the 2021 London Classic Car Show will start to go on sale on November 26, 2020. Adult admission tickets can be ordered in advance for £25. On the day of the event, the price will be £30.  

As an added bonus, an extra Early Bird saving of an additional £5 is on offer for all those fast starters registering for the Show’s official newsletter prior to the 9 December deadline. 

[Source: The London Classic Car Show]

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  1. Hi, my series 1 Primrose 4.2 roadster is my 13th E type in nearly 60 years. It is the second partially completed project that I have acquired and completed. The previous project was a 3.8 roadster in cream with black leather.
    Both of the uncompleted projects were found in farmer’s sheds and the completion project undertaken here at home in SE Queensland, Australia.