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Showdown in Sardinia: the Lamborghini V10 celebrated

Lamborghini Lounge Porto Cervo

In the marque’s 60th anniversary year, the Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder, STO, Tecnica and the newly presented Sterrato set out together for the first time, showcasing the different souls within the V10 Lamborghini super sports car line-up. Sardinia’s winding and scenic roads are the perfect setting to experience the performance orientation and the typical characters of each of the four models, enjoyed by everyone who takes the wheel.

In this year the brand concludes the celebration of one of the company’s biggest successes: the V10 combustion-engine Huracán model and its derivates with 24,048 units sold since its launch in 2014, with the Huracán Sterrato in 1499 pieces all sold out.

The Huracán Evo Spyder, STO, Tecnica, and Sterrato departed from The Lamborghini Lounge Porto Cervo situated in Promenade du Port, stealing the limelight on the Sardinian roads for over 300 km while their drivers exalted the outstanding characteristics of each. For the fifth year running, Lamborghini Lounge Porto Cervo welcomes Lamborghini owners traveling to Costa Smeralda and greeting new customers in exclusive events and driving activities.

Lamborghini Lounge Porto Cervo

Welcomed by Lamborghini scent in every corner of the lounge, guests experience a 360-degree Lamborghini experience by sipping an Italian espresso while enjoying the living area furnished by the brand’s Italian partner Living Divani, or taking a closer look at the brand’s partnerships and projects before visiting the seasonal Ad Personam Studio – a key area of the lounge. The Ad Personam Studio is the dedicated area where even the most demanding Lamborghini customers can release their creativity to configure the super sports car of their dreams. A vast assortment of samples includes a plentitude of exterior colors, interior upholsteries, finishes and details, and can be selected through the virtual configurator with a Lamborghini product specialist. The brand’s main Ad Personam Studio located in Sant’Agata Bolognese re-opened to customers at the beginning of June after a major expansion. With a new setting and customer experience, it is an essential facet for the brand, showcasing more than 400 colors in its portfolio, and offering infinite possibilities for customers to express their own personality through their new super sports cars.

Looking forward as well as looking back

During an important year in which the brand commemorates 60 years since its founding in 1963, the company has entered the next step of Direzione Cor Tauri: Lamborghini’s strategic route for electrification, by hybridizing the V12 with the introduction of the Revuelto. Cor Tauri describes Lamborghini’s vision for the future, including first the celebration of the combustion engine that ends this year and then the world premieres of the first Urus PHEV in the first part of next year followed by the Huracán follower PHEV introduction in the second part of 2024. This will lead the company to introduce within the end of the decade the first all-electric Super SUV and f a fourth model: a pure-electric high-ground-clearance Gran Turismo with 2+2 seats, the concept which was unveiled last August at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

Huracán Evo Spyder

The Huracán EVO Spyder, introduced in 2019 is in Sardinia in Blu Aegir and Blu Cepheus and fitted with Nero Ade with Rosso Alala Q-Citura and Bianco Leda with Blu Cepheus Q-Citura interiors respectively. It’s the perfect-fit star for the Costa Smeralda roads: the Spyder combines the option of open-air driving with design appeal and a heightened lifestyle experience with the prowess of the Huracán EVO’s evolutionary technologies. The vehicle features a 640 HP engine, rear-wheel steering and a four-wheel torque vectoring system, which makes it extremely easy to drive while excelling as a highly responsive, fun super sports car.


Huracán STO

The Super Trofeo Omologata, unveiled in 2020, features Rosso Pyra and Rosso Epona external colors, with interiors in Nero Cosmus and Blu Sideris leather inserts with Rosso Alala stitching, and Nero Cosmus and Grigio Adamas stitching respectively. It is a road-homologated super sports car inspired by the racing heritage of Lamborghini Squadra Corse’s one-make race series and an incarnation of a unique Lamborghini lightweight solution with superior aerodynamics and race car engineering. The 640 HP engine, extremely aerodynamic and lightweight body and rear-wheel drive create the most authentic driving feeling, even more on winding Sardinian roads.

Huracan Tecnica

Huracán Tecnica, presented in 2022, is seen in Verde Citrea and Blu Astraeus with interiors in Nero Ade and Bianco Leda stitching and Nero Ade and Verde Scandal stitching respectively. Tecnica is a car developed for pilots seeking driving fun and lifestyle perfection on both on track and road. The vehicle accents improved aerodynamics, an evolved design. and heightened ease of use with rear-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering: combined with the 640 HP engine taken from the Huracán STO, Tecnica is the perfect fun-to-drive companion for a track session or an exhilarating journey by road.


Huracán Sterrato

Sterrato is the super sports car that goes beyond: beyond the Lamborghini super sports cars introduced to date and fitting into the visionary, bold and unconventional mindset of the company. Introduced this year, the car is available to drive in Sardinia in both Arancio Xanto and Bianco Phanes, with interiors in Nero Cosmus and Rosso Alala stitching and Nero Ade with Bianco Phanes stitching respectively. The vehicle is the first super sports car designed for maximum driving pleasure even away from the asphalt on loose or dirt surfaces. Sterrato is the very concept of sportiness and emphasizes the unique combined driving experience of a true super sports car and the fun of driving a rally car, delivering a new degree of driving thrills every time on board.

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