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It is a sobering thought that Lamborghinis have only been in production for 50 years and yet, in that relatively short time, the name has become a household byword for the epitome of performance supercars. This stems without doubt from the fact that they have produced a large percentage of the most startling examples of this genre.

Time and maturity have resulted in the Islero becoming a fully appreciated member of the Lamborghini family.

You only have to trawl through a dictionary of cars on the Internet to find out that the autostrada to greatness is littered with the abandoned relics of so many started, but never finished, automotive projects, and anyone at the time would have been forgiven if they had filed Ferruccio Lamborghini along with the likes of Bizzarrini and ASA for instance. Both the latter companies produced great cars, but both were just others in the long list of manufacturers without staying power. The determination of Ferruccio coupled to the young, fertile minds of his team made for a combination that could perhaps only have succeeded, in the way they did, in the 1960s.

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