Peter Giddings, 1954 Lancia D50A
Peter Giddings, 1954 Lancia D50A

Sommet des Legendes 2016 – Report and Photos

Sommet des Legendes 2016 – Featured Photo Gallery Page Three

Doug Kurtin, 72 Porsche 911 RS
Doug Kurtin, 1972 Porsche 911 RS
Jim Middleton, 66 Shelby GT350H
Jim Middleton, 1966 Shelby GT350H
Mike Steplock, 86 Porsche 944
Mike Steplock, 1986 Porsche 944
Richard Payne, 70 Corvette
Richard Payne, 1970 Corvette


Terry Watson, 69 Corvette
Terry Watson, 1969 Corvette
Jonathan Holtzman, 89 Lola 90/90
Jonathan Holtzman, 1989 Lola 90/90
Amber Stephenson, 84 Ford Spec Racer
Amber Stephenson, 1984 Ford Spec Racer
Dean Baker, 08 Courage-Oreca LC70
Dean Baker, 2008 Courage-Oreca LC70

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  1. Mr Ferguson, May I share a few of the photos on Facebook and provide full credit to both you and Sports Car Digest ? Mr. Michael Dipleco previously allowed me to do this. I thank you for your great pics.