Griot’s Garage Cover Car – Porsche 935K

Gracing the cover of Griot’s Garage Handbook #276 is a very mean Kremer Brothers-modified Porsche 935.

Porsche 935’s in their heyday were some of the most spectacular cars to watch. With twin turbo-charged flat six Porsche engines, they produced 600 hp at 7500 rpm. The cars threw out massive flames as they dove into corners, wagging their tails until they were pointed straight enough to charge down the straights.

This particular car scored more championship points than any other contemporary 935. It was the first factory built 935 to be supplied to the Kremer Brothers for modification, and one of two that they ran in 1977 and 1978 (mainly driven by Bob Wollek). By 1979, it assumed the all the K3 modifications and finished 3rd at LeMans. In 1981, it was driven to a win by Guy Triqaux in its last competitive race at the 1,000km of Spa-Francorchamps.

For 27 years it carried its white paint as raced in 1981. In 2008, chassis 903 was returned to its original “Valiant Green” as raced in 1977.


[Source: Griot’s Garage]

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  1. Moby dick bodies, as on the Ickx/Maas car are completely different. Tail spoiler integrated in Sidefenders, Longer tail, wider fenders, longer/flatter nose. Both were build with Gr5 specs, K3 & K4 with twin overhead camshafts.
    After BMW introduced the 320i’s Gr5 regulations to fit the front engined BMW’s exhausts, Porsche changed the floor too (in my opinion illegally, rear engined) and dropped suspension by more 7,5cm. Unlike BMW’s , Porsche and Ford Gr. 5 cars were heavily modified, reassembling very few of the production cars.