Goodwood Breakfast Club
Goodwood Breakfast Club

Goodwood Breakfast Club 2017 Information

The schedule of the Goodwood Breakfast Club 2017 events will feature a wide-ranging set of themes intended to appeal to all motoring enthusiast tastes. As in previous years, the Goodwood Breakfast Club meetings will be free to attend, and open to all, with appropriate themed vehicles needing to pre-register to assure a place on the grid at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex.

Each Goodwood Breakfast Club will be held on the first Sunday of the month, with the Motor Circuit gates opening to display vehicles and spectators from 7:30 am onwards. A selection of breakfast treats, warm beverages and stunning vehicles will await visitors.

Goodwood Breakfast Club 2017 – Schedule and Themes

07 May: Supercar Sunday – Celebrating the pinnacles of automotive engineering – the supercars and hypercars of the world, as well as high- performance exotica of all varieties. Supercar Sunday aims to bring together some of the greatest cars the world has ever seen.

04 June: Soft Top Sunday – It’s time to drop those tops and let your hair down as Goodwood celebrates the world of open-topped, open air motoring. Whether that be a canvas-roofed classic, a modern four-seater cabriolet with a folding hard-top or even no roof at all.

06 August: Classic Car Sunday – Celebrating the heyday of motoring, Classic Car Sunday will welcome cars of all types, shapes and speeds — as long as they were built before 1978. Goodwood aims to fill the motor circuit with tax-exempt cars and bikes just a few weeks before the Revival gets underway.

01 October: Sushi Sunday – Collecting vehicles with that true banzai spirit, whether it be Nissan or Toyota, Honda or Suzuki Goodwood celebrates all vehicles from the Land of the Rising Sun, whether they’re JDM or EU spec, with two or four wheels, for one day Goodwood turns Japanese.

05 November: Vee-Power Sunday – Gathering the giants of sonorous motoring, whether V-twin, V4, V6, V8, V10 or V12 as long as your cylinders are angled apart Goodwood will welcome you to the Motor Circuit. Expect aural delights to go along with the visual spectacle.

If you own a vehicle suitable for consideration to be displayed on the Goodwood grid at one or more of the 2017 Breakfast Club meetings, complete the application form on the Goodwood website.

[Source: Goodwood]