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Ferrari Omologata – New Captivating One-off V12 Masterpiece

The new Ferrari Omologata was recently revealed during a short yet intense test run at Fiorano. Although the familiar sounds of Ferrari’s V12 engine can be heard as it speeds around the track, the Ferrari Omologata presents a unique and captivating look that is sure to please the marque’s aficionados. Its Rosso Magma finish and its racing livery make it an obvious descendent of the Ferrari GT tradition that spans its long glorious history. 

The Ferrari Omologata was commission by a European client and is the latest offering from Ferrari’s line of unique coachbuilt one-off models. It embodies the values of Ferrari when it comes to GT racing with the car being an exquisite ride for a true gentleman driver both on the road as well as on the track. 

Front of Ferrari Omologata
Side of Omologata
Rear of Ferrari

The Ferrari Omologata was a project that took a little more than two years to complete. Inspiration for the initial sketches was taken from a variety of sources, ranging from sci-fi up to modern architecture. From the start, the idea was to create a futuristic design with reinterpreted classic elements to create a timeless appearance that would be sure to leave a lasting impact. 

From the 812 Superfast, the creators left only the windscreen and headlights as the existing bodywork components. The main goal was to exploit the proportions of the striking mid-front layout to have a sleek design using smooth volumes and uplifted by sharp graphics. The design team aimed to create a machine that exudes street presence while still maintaining its formal style. 

The car was studied and designed from all angles and it shows in the defined tapering front volume from the flattened oval grille. The rounded section on top of the front wheel arches is highlighted by a contrasting stripe that wraps across the bonnet and appears to naturally project from the grille. Behind the door, the flank develops into a very potent rear muscle that evenly fuses upwards into the three-quarter panel. The rear quarter light has been eliminated and three horizontal transversal cuts in the fastback volume were added. A prominent spoiler surmounts the tail which adds a sportier stance, as well as downforce.  Overall, the car takes on the appearance of wanting to strike the tarmac even at a rest.

Uniqueness of the Ferrari Omologata Design

The Ferrari Omologata has become the 10th front-engined V12 one-off Ferrari to be delivered since the 2009 P540 Superfast Aperta. Led by Flavio Manzoni, the design team of the Ferrari Omologata satisfied every safety constraint for road homologation without compromising the usability and tractability of a Ferrari – a tremendous test when starting from an existing platform.

From the clear instructions that were given by the client concerning every detail of the car, the designers made sure to create a bespoke model that could undoubtedly hold its ground in any Ferrari showroom. The architects of the car even created a distinct shade of red for the livery, to match with the blazing triple-layer Rosso Magma over the darkened carbon-fiber finish. 

Inside the car, the abundance of trim details creates the tie to Ferrari’s strong racing history. Standing out amongst the full black interior are the electric blue seats that are finished with a stunning combination of leather with Jeans Aunde® fabric. Crackled paint effects are then used on the metal elements of the dashboard and steering wheel reminiscent of the legendary GT racers of the 1950s and 1960s. The inner door handles and the Ferrari F1 bridge sport a hammered paint effect that was displayed also on the 250 LM and 250 GTO.  

This beautiful one-off exercise, the Omologata, is able to triumphantly incorporate a wide range of subtle Ferrari classic designs without falling into nostalgia.

[Source: Ferrari]