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Delivery Of Ferrari Testa Rossa Js Underway

The manufacturers of the limited-edition Ferrari Testa Rossa J, The Little Car Company, recently announced that the deliveries of the examples to their customers all over the world are currently ongoing.

In collaboration with Ferrari, the Ferrari Testa Rossa J was designed and built as an electric replica which is only at 75% scale of its namesake, the famed 1958 Le Mans 24 Hours winner. With the original design drawings provided by Ferrari’s Classiche Department, this miniature replica was developed and handcrafted, and examples will be limited to only 299 vehicles.

The first clients have already received their examples with one of the first examples being delivered to a collector in Netherlands, Mr. Grouwels. Similar to all the other cars that were designed and produced by The Little Car Company, the two Ferrari Testa Rossa J that were delivered to Mr. Grouwels are completely bespoke. One has a raw unpainted aluminum bodywork, specified in strip back to highlight the carefully constructed bodywork that showcases the car in all its aerodynamic glory.

The second Testa Rossa J that was delivered to Mr. Grouwels is completely different to the first in terms of aesthetic. Painted with a Rosso Mugello finish, matched with elegant Giallo Modena stripes. For the hand-crafted interior, it is wrapped in cioccolato frau leather so as to be very comfortable for both the driver and passenger. Even the example’s Borrani wheels are reminiscent of the original and were re-proportioned for this reimagining and was picked specifically by Mr. Grouwels.

Mr. Grouwels talked about the new additions to his already impressive collection and shared, “The cars have been driving excellently and have been great additions to my collection. These liveries immediately stood out for me, and they both look outstanding. To own a unique Ferrari licensed model like this was an absolute must for my collection.”

CEO of The Little Car Company Ben Hedley stated, “The commencement of Ferrari Testa Rossa J deliveries is a huge milestone for The Little Car Company, and we are pleased to see customers, like Mr Grouwels, immediately enjoy them as intended.

“For our customers, we aim to make the specification process as exciting as possible, giving them the freedom to explore the options at their fingertips. As with everything we do at The Little Car Company, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and liaise closely with customers to offer them a personalised experience that results in the creation of a car that is truly unique to them.”

Since the Ferrari Testa Rossa J is an official Ferrari model, it is built to the highest automotive standards. The team of engineers in The Little Car Company has been greatly inspired by the craftsmanship of the original model, and used the same hand-beaten aluminum bodywork and hand-beating techniques.

A lot of the features of the Testa Rossa J were taken from the original like the same steering and suspension geometry so that it will provide the same authentic handling. The impressive attention to detail can be seen in the interior as the transmission tunnel was removed to give more space for seating so that the driver and passenger are accommodated.

Like the original, the steering wheel of the Testa Rossa J was supplied by Nardi so it has the world’s smallest quick-release steering wheel system which was made for a more comfortable egress and ingress. Even the classic dials were repurposed to be used in the electric car, and it should be noted that there is now a new power gauge that shows the level of regenerative braking that is being deployed.

Inspired by the Ferrari 812 Superfast, they also added a beautifully designed Manettino. The switch enables the driver to shift between the four driving modes, which were carefully developed to provide the safest driving experience as possible:

• Novice Mode: 1kW / 24km/h
• Comfort Mode: 4kW / 40km/h
• Sport Mode: 10kW / 80km/h
• Race Mode: 12kW / 80km/h

Three batteries are used to power the electric engine and are placed at the front of the car, giving it a range of roughly 90 km, depending on the driving conditions and style. The batteries can be accessed through the front bonnet. It can also be charged in the same place where the fuel cap used to be located.

The lucky clients from all over the world, who were fortunate enough to be part of the 299 owners, are now taking delivery of their bespoke Ferrari Testa Rossa J.