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1967 Lotus Europa ex Apex Engineering.

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1967 Lotus Europa ex Apex Engineering

A true vintage race car

Bill Truesdale of Apex engineering first campaigned the Europa in 1970 and took it to the runoffs at Road Atlanta in 1972 taking 4th in D production. The Europa was completely disassembled after Atlanta. The body was converted from the S1 as built to the later S2 type that is bolted to the chassis. The chassis was seam welded, gusseted, sand blasted and then painted Rust-Oleum smoke grey. The body was lightened with the removal of excess fiberglass. Front and rear deck lids are mounted with pins. Doors now operated on aluminum pins.

The original front cross member was removed and a new, significantly stiffer front cross member was fabricated. The steering rack is height adjustable. A new roll bar assembly was fabricated from 1.5” mild steel tubing. The K stiffening brace ties into the front cross member and the main chassis. The rear braces tie into the shock mounts with a bolt in cross brace for added stiffness.

The front control arms are completely boxed for stiffness. The upper control arms ride on ½” rod end bearings for easy camber/caster adjustment. The lower control arms pivot on ½” Uni ball bearings installed in tubular housings. The front hubs are custom fabrications utilizing 7065 T6 aluminum. The Minilite aluminum wheels ride on7/16” studs. Toyo R888’s are mounted and have minimal wear.

The rear trailing arms are seam welded and pivot on 5/8” rod end bearings with a through bolt to solid plates on the chassis. There are washers on either side of the rod end bearing for simple rear toe adjustment.

Bilstein gas coil over shocks are mounted at the four wheels. Brakes have been upgraded to type 47with dual Girling adjustable master cylinders. Brakes are well balanced and stop well with no fade.

The rear drive axle assembly is custom fabricated utilizing Corvair stub axles driven by Borg Warner Power Brute “U” joints. The inner yoke is from a Europa Twin Cam and is bolted to the spider gear stub axle for increased strength and durability. Rear uprights are stock aluminum Europa. The lower lateral link has right and left handed rod end bearings for camber adjustment.

The suspension and rear axle assembly has been flawless in the 19 years I have raced the Europa
The trans axle is a Renault type 336 as fitted to the R16. I have a spare 5 speed trans axle from a R17 807G that is included
The engine has been upgraded to a Renault 807G hemi. Engine has just been refreshed with new rings and rod bearings.

Rods are bushed 807G with ARP rod bolts.

Carbs are Weber 45DCOE mounted on modified R8 Gordini manifolds. The intake valves are 2 mm oversized at 42 mm and the exhaust are standard. Both intake and exhaust valves are stainless, tuliped racing valves. Headwork was performed by PHP Racing engines. Custom exhaust header is by Phil Zamlinski. Crane reground the camshaft which makes strong power from 3,500 rpm to 7,500 rpm. I estimate the horsepower around 145 which with the broad power band works well. The engine is fitted with a mini one wire 35-amp Alternator.

There is a custom ATL fuel cell bladder in an Aluminum container

Instrumentation starts with a Sun 10,000 rpm tach, Stewart Warner Oil Pressure and Oil and Water Temperature gauges. A low-pressure red oil light is next to the tach for easy notification of low engine oil pressure.

There are two master battery cutoff switches. One mounted in the cockpit that is accessible to the driver and the second is on the cowl.

Gearshift lever is a custom fabricated and hardened unit. The seats are simply upholstered cushions over the fiberglass structure and are not adjustable.
Numerous spares, blocks, cylinder heads, stock connecting rods, crankshafts and various engine bearings, gaskets, cylinder seals, brake calipers, steel front hubs, rear uprights and one trailing arm are included. Plenty of stock oil pans and valve covers plus assorted valve train components.
I have an R16 and R17 Renault factory service manuals that both cover the engine and transmission. I also have numerous Europa manuals.
Bill had several sets of close ratio gears made along with two spools to replace the differential. There is a spare, new 4.25 ring and pinion all included.
I have a State of Illinois Title signed by Paul Powell and the original number plate.
Thank you for viewing my ad. There are many more pictures available.

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