Travis Engen, 05 Audi R8
Travis Engen, 05 Audi R8

Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2015 – Picture Gallery

Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2015 – Featured Picture Gallery Page Ten

John Higgins/Charlie Monk, 85 Porsche/Fabcar
John Higgins/Charlie Monk, 1985 Porsche/Fabcar
Randall Smalley, 88 Jaguar XJR-5
Randall Smalley, 1988 Jaguar XJR-5
Zugel/Patterson, 86 Porsche 962
Zugel/Patterson, 1986 Porsche 962


Bruce/Spencer Tenery, 64 Corvette and Josh Sadler/Paul Howells/Mark Henderson, 70 Porsche 911
Bruce Trenery/Spencer Trenery, 1964 Corvette and Josh Sadler/Paul Howells/Mark Henderson, 1970 Porsche 911
Toni Seiler, 69 Lola T70 Mklllb
Toni Seiler, 1969 Lola T70 Mk IIIB
Gray Gregory, 71 Chevron B16
Gray Gregory, 1971 Chevron B16

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  1. Great photos and many thanks for capturing them for us David, but can anyone tell me where the great Chaparral cars ended up and why no one with deep pockets races or makes replica body parts of such an important series of cars? They were by far my favorites as a kid growing up in the sixties and I’d love to see pictures of them again! I have been to the Petroleum Museum site but feel they deserve to be on a track racing with the peers of the day.

  2. Thank you David for the beautiful works of art. Were were there and everyone did a great job.Next year Leman, Can’t wait,