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Bricklin SV-1: The Other Gullwing

 Bricklin SV-1
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 Bricklin SV-1

I saw my first Bricklin in 1974. Lit up under the Southern California sun, a local specialty dealership was featuring this gleaming Safety Orange plasticized wedge of sharp cheddar cheese. I was immediately drawn to it. I’d already spent months daydreaming in math class about becoming a car designer and possibly building my own sports car, so Malcolm Bricklin added some much-needed swagger to my vision. The Bricklin was sexy, macho, and advertised in Playboy Magazine. Young rebels with advertising jobs, disco moves, and waterbeds bought Bricklins. Long before this image became comedy gold, it was hip to wear suede, grow a mustache, and smoke Camels. I wanted a Bricklin, mostly for the lifestyle but also because I believed an American independent car manufacturer deserved to succeed.

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