Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2014 – Auction Report

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2014 – Auction Report Page Four

1963 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser Pickup
Lot # 490 1963 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser Pickup; S/N 3FJ4513666; Light Green, Ivory roof/Coral vinyl; Modified restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $40,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $44,550. No Reserve – 3F 4-liter 155hp engine, 4-speed, front power disc brakes, P/S, Grey steel wheels, All Terrain T/A tires, chrome hubcaps, Warn front hubs, body color bed liner, 2-inch lift. – Very good paint and interior. Clean, like new engine compartment. Underbody sprayed with body color bed liner with some shadows. A strong, fresh restoration with some upgrades, but indifferently detailed to the detriment of its impression. – The only FJ45 pickup among B-J Las Vegas’s exhaustive offering of Land Cruisers, and the most expensive FJ, too. Thoroughly restored even if the untouched shadows in the bedliner paint under the body are a little disturbing. FJ buyers overlook (if not prefer) a moderate body lift and chunky tires but beyond that it’s how faithfully the truck is presented to its original configuration. This one departs by having a later FJ engine, front disc brakes, P/S and a minor lift, but still looks the part of an FJ and isn’t subject to the doubts that cloud the quality of V-8 engine swaps. It is rare, and only moderately expensive.
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 2-Dr. Hardtop
Lot # 142 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 2-Dr. Hardtop; S/N 1D37U2R545606; Mohave Gold, Black stripes, Black vinyl roof/Black vinyl; Recent restoration, 2+ condition; Hammered Sold at $39,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $42,900. No Reserve – 402/240hp, dual exhaust, automatic, cowl induction, P/S, P/B, A/C, Torque Thrust wheels, Eagle GT II tires, factory tach and gauges, tilt steering column, AM-FM. – Excellent clean coat paint, chrome and interior. Underhood, chassis and underbody are like new. Represented as matching numbers engine. A sharp, fresh, crisp restoration and better than new. – 1972 was not a great year in Chevelle history as smog equipment and ‘net’ horsepower ratings clouded their performance image but this is an unusually well-restored example in attractive colors. It could have brought significantly more, on the order of $5-7,000, without being overpriced based on its equipment and the quality of the restoration.
1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Coupe
Lot # 218 1974 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Coupe; S/N 2V87Y4N172067; White, Blue Firebird/Black vinyl, White houndstooth; Modified restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $38,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $42,350. No Reserve – 455/250hp rebuilt to 310hp Super Duty specs, automatic, P/S, P/B, A/C, handlings package, shaker wood, Rally II wheels, Radial T/A tires, hood locks. – Engine rebuilt with new heads to Super Duty specs, otherwise as delivered with 45,100 miles. Documented history since 1976, PHS documentation, owner’s manual. Good paint and interior. An intriguing car. Door fits aren’t quite flush. – Sold at Mecum Seattle three months ago for $23,220. This is a healthy price based more on the mileage and preservation than on the uncertainties of the engine modifications. It was a bargain at Seattle, even without comparing it with this result, and shows where the money is made: when you buy.
1961 Daimler SP250 Convertible
Lot # 649 1961 Daimler SP250 Convertible; S/N 7370096; OEWhite/Biscuit leather; Cosmetic restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $38,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $41,800. No Reserve – 2,548cc/140hp hemi head V-8 with twin SU carbs, 4-speed, chrome wire wheels, Bridgestone radial tires, tonneau cover, hardtop only, fender mirrors, woodrim steering wheel. – Fiberglas pattern shows through an otherwise sound repaint. Good chrome, very good interior and freshly refinished steering wheel. Engine compartment is orderly but showing age. Underbody is original and dirty. Cosmetically restored to sound, usable condition. – Unusual to say the least, many people have trouble with the low grille of the SP250’s body which a few compare with the mouth of a bottom-dwelling catfish. Its attributes, however, are the willing 2.6 liter V-8, the rot-resistant properties of the fiberglass body and its rarity. The latter three things, augmented by sound if not show-ready condition, fully support the price this example brought in Las Vegas.
1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Utility
Lot # 399.1 1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Utility; S/N FJ40240125; Freeborn Red, White roof/Grey vinyl; Recent restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $38,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $41,800. No Reserve – 4.2 liter/135hp 2F engine, 4-speed, grey wheels, hubcaps, Warn front hubs, pushbutton radio, EMU Dakar springs, 3 inch lift, center facing rear seats, rear-mounted spare. – Very good paint and interior, polished stainless latches. Chassis has been painted assembled. Engine compartment is fresh and sharp. A competently restored Land Cruiser. Not too good to use carefully. – It’s apparent from this result what the attraction is in FJs: clean, straight, restored like new examples that haven’t been weighted down with off-road accessories, or subject to the [ab]use that a lot of off-road gew gaws imply. From that perspective this is far and away the best FJ in Las Vegas and it brought the best money, too. FJ buyers had their ducks in a row.
1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 2-Dr. Hardtop
Lot # 484 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 2-Dr. Hardtop; S/N 6102608; Red, White accent/Red vinyl; Cosmetic restoration, 3 condition; Hammered Sold at $38,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $41,800. No Reserve – Sweepstakes 289, automatic, P/S, P/B, Twin-Traction, wheel covers, wide whitewalls, Profile cassette stereo. – Decent paint, chrome and interior. Wide driver’s door gap. Repainted old undercoat in wheel wells. Described by the seller as ‘beautifully restored’, it is anything but. Cosmetically redone to indifferent standards, the driver’s door doesn’t fit and the vent window is twisted, suggesting a superficial repair of a hit. – Oh, and it should have a McCulloch blower on the engine, like all Golden Hawks. Indifferently presented it would not have been a sound value for $10K less.
1973 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Lot # 331 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible; S/N 1Z67J3S405188; Engine # CKZ; Medium Blue/Midnight Blue leather; White vinyl top; Visually maintained, largely original, 4 condition; Hammered Sold at $35,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $38,500. No Reserve – 350/ modified. 030 over and high performance cam for 400+ horsepower. 4-speed, Hurst shifter, cowl induction, P/S, A/C, cassette stereo, Rally wheels with trim rings, Tiger Paw radials, tube headers. – Represented as original engine, 20,000 miles on the rebuild by Mike Braswell and looks like it. A/C drive belt disconnected. Rough. Fisheyed old repaint, worn, dirty interior, wiper scratched windshield, dirty underhood. Most impressive feature is that it even got onto the B-J block. – CKZ is a 350/255hp ’72 ZR1 engine, a great place to start on building a high performance Corvette, but it is not ‘matching numbers’ in this ’73 Vette. Bidders must have been infatuated by the blather about the engine building prowess of ‘Mister ’57’ Mike Braswell and paid a huge premium for the old rebuilt mill because everything else about the car is scuzzy with every one of the 20K miles since the engine was rebuilt showing on the car. Seriously over-priced.
1967 Kellison Astra X-300GT Coupe
Lot # 367 1967 Kellison Astra X-300GT Coupe; S/N DRF90525; Silver/Black leather; Cosmetic restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $35,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $38,500. No Reserve – 355 Chevy, 4-speed, chrome Cragar S/S wheels, Radial T/A tires, Sony CD stereo. – Impressive, fresh clearcoat paint, essentially flawless. Excellent chrome and interior. Gauges are mixed, some with old yellowing faces, others brand new. Dashboard shows age, underbody is gunked up with old undercoat. New wheels and tires. Done up to look good on the B-J auction block. – Fans of Sixties kit cars will appreciate this ‘factory-built’ Astra. The sleek Kellison body is eye-catching and the 355 Chevy under the hood should provide ample urge. It’s done to a reasonable standard and will make a statement on the street, even with its mixed preparation. A singular car, this sets the market.

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  1. Thanks for the article Rick , and as for Tom Barret he was a real character , the L.A Times once called him the P.T Barnum of the Classic car world , and I knew him well , I remember staying at his house in Scotsdale and we were in his golf cart riding around his garages looking at his fantastc cars when I spotted an old beat up Cadillac Limo I said ” Tom what’s that thing doing here ? ” Tom replied ” Thats Elvis Preslys 1978 Cadillac Limosine ” I thought for a moment then said ” But Tom Elvis died in 1977 ” Tom came back straight away with ” Yeah , but he order it before he died ! ” a true salesman !

  2. Comparing old Corvette price degradation with that of gold is a poor comparison compared to the stock market in general. In the same time frame (4 years) that Corvette prices have gone down hill, the same money invested in the S&P 500 has done outstandingly well. Most old cars are very poor investments.