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1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce Race Car For Sale

Details: 1600 race engine built by Dan Marvin; Twin 40 DCOE Webers; Sperry Stage V head; aluminum flywheel; headers and race exhaust, remote filter, oil cooler (engine and carbs are original to the car). $45,000 asking price.

Source/Location: Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board; car is located in California.

Seller Comments: “The car has run in the Wine Country Classic, Monterey Historics, Palm Springs Gran Prix as well as all kinds of CSRG, VARA, HMSA and GRL events. It has won the last 3 races that we have run it in and with the right driver, it is very competitive. Still street registered and although it is not a daily driver, I have driven to Concorso and to/from the race track.”

Sports Car Digest Comments: The pictures tell the story of this very well done GTV – spotless finish, interesting paint scheme and the correct attitude. The engine and trunk are clean enough to eat dinner on, and the overall look and feel would be equally at home at the track or concours. Plus, it’s street legal, so you can drive it to the events as well.

Although interior pictures were not given, expect full cage with removable dash bar, new Sparco seat and Willans harness, new Momo wheel and lexan side windows that go up and down.

Market: The January – April 2008 Cars That Matter Price Guide advocates a $17,300 – $37,000 range. However, those prices are for a stock GTV, so they are best used lightly. Given the impeccable condition, the acceptance into Monterey Historics and other desirable events, plus the obvious replication costs, this GTV is priced pretty close to correct.

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce Race Car Photos:

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale - Engine

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale - Trunk

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale - Laguna Seca

Alfa Romeo GTV For Sale - Paddock Photo