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Mecum Auction staged its Kissimmee Auction January 28-31, 2010 at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida, resulting in total gross sales (excluding buyer’s premium) of $25.6 million and a 71% sell-through rate.

Amid a crowd of 29,000 spectators and bidders, the Mecum Auction Company sold hundreds of vehicles ranging from high-end classics and muscle cars to exotic late models with a 1966 Riva Super Aquarama Series II Prototype taking top sale honors at $775,000.

“We hosted a packed house at our annual Kissimmee Auction, which grew immensely in both bidder registration and sales this year,” said President Dana Mecum. “Compared to our 2008 Kissimmee event, our gross sales increased more than 60 percent. Mecum continues to bring a wide variety of collectible vehicles – including boats and motorcycles – and vintage memorabilia to enthusiasts worldwide.”

2010 Mecum Kissimmee Auction Results – Top 10 Sales

1. 1966 Riva Super Aquarama Series II Prototype (Lot S159) at $775,000
2. 1935 Auburn 851 Boattail Speedster (Lot S176.1) at $376,000
3. 1957 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible (Lot S133) at $213,000
4. 1957 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible (Lot S123) at $180,000

5. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (Lot S135) at $180,000
6. 1971 Dodge Hemi Charger (Lot F225) at $165,000

7. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (Lot S114) at $140,000

8. 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Resto Mod (Lot S243) at $135,000
9. 1970 Plymouth Superbird Coupe (Lot S296) at $125,000
10. 1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible (Lot S95) at $120,000

The next Mecum Auction takes place in Kansas City, Mo. April 9-10, 2010 and will be broadcast live on their television series, “Mecum Auto Auction: Muscle Cars & More” on Discovery Communications’ HD Theater. The event is open to the general public and tickets are available at the door for $10.

For more information, visit www.Mecum.com or call 815.568.8888.

[Source: Mecum]

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  1. The Riva aquarama is beautiful and I envy its new owner on owning this awesome boat. I bet the history of boat must be spectacular and its interesting that boat of that caliber can command a handsome price. The cars that commanded high prices are beautiful but I wonder with the depressed state of our economy whether the high prices will continue as this market seems to have a bubble and its being manipulated by a few people who are greedy?

    1. The “market” consists of buyers and sellers. To say it is being “Manipulated” is puzzeling at best. The old adage still applies here,”Something is only worth what what someone else is willing to pay for it”. Case closed!

  2. I sent five cars to Mecum Kissimmee 2011 and had theft & vandalism to three of them. Every knob stolen from the dash of a ’57 Fairlane, a console broken out of a ’67 Barracuda to steal it, and the dash ripped out of my AAR ‘Cuda to steal the road lamp switch. The stereo remote control in my ’69 Camaro was also broken from it’s securely mounted position on the center console. Mecum’s response is that ‘Gee, no one else had a problem’ and ‘we will give you a discount on future cars consigned’. They also suggested that I should have guarded my five cars which they had scattered far & wide on their grounds requiring five full-time guards. This is not a satisfactory response; my damages are due to their lack of security and I will never send another car to Mecum. With many millions of dollars of collector cars present, I feel that they are obligated to provide effective security; not two guys in golf carts BSing way down at the end of a tent.