1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 For Sale

12/6/08 Update: We sold the Alfa back to the person that sold it to us. He was very happy to have it back and we are grateful to see it go to such a good owner.

Sports Car Digest is selling one of its own, a 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV.

If you are looking for a very fun driver or a driver/driver’s education car, then we you should take a strong look at our GTV. It has the look and stance that you simply cannot manufacture. It goes like stink, sounds perfect, handles well and does everything you would expect of it.

With that said, if you are looking for a concours winner, look elsewhere. Also, we wouldn’t suggest that you try to turn this into a concours winner either.

As described to us before purchase, the Alfa was fully restored in 2000, although not to original specifications as flares were added and the engine was upgraded.

There are approximately 15,000 miles on the engine and car since the restoration. The odometer shows 97,537 miles, but we do not know if they are original. The car was purchased by Sports Car Digest June of 2007.

We are asking $9,500 for our Alfa GTV.

Details: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, VIN# AR 3025444, Model# 11501, Clear North Carolina Title

Note: We just updated the photo gallery to include many pictures of the trunk and undercarriage.

Drivetrain: The Alfa runs really strong and is smooth in all gears (no 2nd gear crunch) and up to all speeds. Engine is powerful with no valve noise, smoke at start up or any other known issues. The Weber carburetors were just rebuilt and work perfectly. It has a modern MSD ignition, plus a new starter, so it fires up quickly every time. It brakes well, handles great, especially with the new Bridgestones – in other words, it is a blast to drive and it does everything it should.

Engine compartment is clean. The battery was moved by a previous owner to the trunk for weight distribution or so we were told. We were also told by previous owner that the Alfa has Anza exhaust and headers – the exhaust is certainly streetable, but loud enough when it should be. The headlights work, as do the wipers, turn signals, etc.

The car has been driven less than 10 miles since a $2,449.21 extended stay at EuroTech International. I initially took the Alfa to EuroTech because the throttle would not engage, but this simple fix led to EuroTech fixing my laundry list of items, including:

Replaced throttle clips on rod, adjusted linkage
Replaced head gasket – before there was a slow leak.
Corrected fuel pump wiring – previously you had to manually turn on fuel pump by connecting two wires. It now comes on automatically when key engages starter.
Replaced starter motor – previously car would not start if hot. It now quickly fires under all conditions.
Completely rebuilt Weber carburetors – they run like only well-tuned Webers can run. Throttle response is immediate.
Replaced ignition switch
Replaced driver side door handle

Other items installed since purchase:
Four 205/50R15 Bridgestone Potenza RE750s (less than 50 miles wear)
Four 15 x 7 Rota RB Wheels (same)

Interior: Overall, the interior is in good condition, commensurate with a good driver. The front seats are not stock – they are cloth Recaro-ish type seats. They are in nice condition, minus a tear in the left driver’s side bolster, plus a much smaller tear in the upper left side bolster. The dash has two small cracks that we tried to capture in the pictures below. Nonetheless, it is in good shape, with only normal wear. The carpets are most likely original, with no tears. They could probably benefit from a thorough cleaning. The headliner is also in good condition. All windows roll up/down, and the rest of the hardware works as it should – gauges, wipers, lights, etc.

Exterior: The dark blue paint is great from 20 feet, really good at 10 feet and okay at 5 feet. In truth, however, the dark blue paint masks several chips and scratches, plus two areas of surface rust. Since purchased, we have never waxed it or tried to buff out any of the chips/scratches, but in our opinion none are too deep where a good detail person couldn’t fix them up. New driver’s side door handle.

The glass is in good condition and the chrome trim is in good shape, minus a few small dents in the passenger side window sill. The bumpers are okay, commensurate with 34 years of life, although not in need of replacement in my opinion. There is one problem area on the rear bumper – see picture.

Rust Area #1 – Passenger side rear window area. This has not gotten worse at all since purchased. We have poked and prodded around the rust area and it does not appear to have spread.

Rust Area #2 – Driver’s side door gap/fender (front gap). This is unusual, as it is not typical of rust, but more like an air pocket that has popped. In other words, the paint in this small area, which is barely larger than a quarter, has peeled outwards from the fender, and then cracked as you see it. We’re sure that is as confusing as it was initially described to us. Again, this area has not increased in size at all since purchase.

Bumper Area – not sure how to describe, but generally speaking it has bubbled up unlike the rest of the bumper. We only noticed it this week, which says one of two things: it’s not noticeable or we don’t notice things. It is half the size of a dollar bill.

Additional Information The plan was to install new Corbeau seats, harnesses, and a roll cage, with the idea of turning the GTV into a street/driver’s education track car. However, despite having new seats and harnesses in the garage, we never officially started the process. Therefore, these items go with the Alfa but are not installed:

Two Corbeau Forza seats – still in box
GTV Mounting Brackets – still in box
Sparco Six-Point Harness (blue) – still in box
Front bumper – original
Oil pan guard – original
Four O.Z. wheels that were on the Alfa when purchased. The wheels are 15 x 7 (front) and 15 x 8 (rear). They are in good condition.

We do not have documentation of the restoration or anything earlier than 2000 when the car was imported from Canada to Savannah, Georgia, where it resided until 2007 when purchased.

The Alfa was serviced by Andy Greene Sports & Vintage Race Cars during its seven years in Georgia. Included with the car are receipts from a $2,748 bill on August 2000, $714 bill on January 2001 and $465 bill on February 2004. There also is correspondence from the Canadian seller and the Georgia buyer, importation and transport papers, among other items.

Viewing: Car is stored in climate controlled garage in Charlotte, NC. We welcome and encourage you to inspect the car before purchase.

Vehicle is offered “as-is” with no warranty.

12/6/08 Update: We sold the Alfa back to the person that sold it to us. He was very happy to have it back and we are grateful to see it go to such a good owner.