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VSCC Race at Cadwell Park 2024

Saturday 15 June 2024

Adrian Beer MK K3 Peter Taylor
Adrian Beer MK K3

As has become something of a tradition with my reports I’ll start by commenting on the weather (a British obsession as you may have noticed!). It is supposed to be “flaming” June and only a few days before the nights start getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere but of Summer there has been no sign; the jet-stream has been forcing Arctic air over the UK for weeks and, whilst we did briefly see the sun at Cadwell Park yesterday, the air temperature was around 12 degrees  (53 degrees F) and there were a couple of massive thunderstorms! However, the spectacle of these ancient cars sliding around on a very slippery surface takes some beating and reportedly some of the drivers quite enjoy it!

Charlie Goldspink Frazer Nash Acedes Peter Taylor
Charlie Goldspink Frazer Nash Acedes

Cadwell is a really challenging circuit, often referred to as the “little Nurburgring”, it twists and turns, falls and rises in quite spectacular fashion and the setting is very picturesque with farmland and woods; all of which make for excellent photographs! Situated in the mainly flat county of Lincolnshire it is around fifteen miles from the North Sea, heading East it’s next stop Holland, where several of the competitors and spectators came from.

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