Velocity: The Art of Motion

Velocity: The Art of Motion is the largest, stand-alone automotive fine art exhibition in the United States and the first time such an event has occurred in the Upper Midwest. Given the history of the site of Hopkins Center for the Arts (former dealer lot of Suburban Chevrolet), nothing could be more appropriate than celebrating the automobile and the art it has inspired.

The invitational exhibition, which runs from June 28 to August 3, was curated by Michael Jekot. It will include paintings, sculpture, photography, illustration and collage by an international roster of artists. Here are four preview items:

Artist: Tony Sokorski, Corapolis, PA, USA, Title: “Zulu”, Media: wood

Artist: Nick Sinclair, Northfield, MN, USA, Title: “Super Nugget”, Media: pencil

Artist: Brian Casey, Kent, Great Britain, Title: “Simply Red (Ferraris at Albert Park, Melbourne)”, Media: pen, color pencil

Artist: Lory Lockwood, New Orleans, LA, USA, Title: “Vette On Vette”, Media: Oil on canvas

The exhibition will be enhanced by public and private events as listed below:

Calendar of Public Events

Sunday, June 29

  • Exhibition Public Opening Reception, 4 – 6 pm
    Jaycee Studio, Hopkins Center for the Arts 

Wednesday, July 9

  • Vintage Race Cars on Mainstreet, 6 – 10 pm
    Sponsored by Vintage Sports Car Racing Club of Minnesota and Performance Car Group 

Friday, July 18

  • “Cars & Guitars”
  • Public concert
  • Guitar-inspired artwork and art making
    Hopkins Center for the Arts and Mainstreet

Saturday, July 26

  • Velocity: Automobilia, Toy, Book & Literature Fair, 8:30 am – 3 pm
    Jaycee Studio, Hopkins Center for the Arts

Friday, August 1

  • Invitational Concours d’Elegance on Mainstreet (British Car Show), 6 – 10 pm
    Sponsored by Minnesota MG Group, Minnesota MG T Register, Minnesota Triumph Sports Car Club, Minnesota Austin-Healey Club and Minnesota Jaguar Club

Sunday, August 3

  • Exhibition Public Closing Reception, 4 – 6 pm

Calendar of Private Events

Wednesday, July 9

  • Vintage Sports Car Racing Club Night
    Proceeds from the evening to Children’s Cancer Fund.

Thursday, July 10

  • Courage Center and Nord Stern Porsche Club Social Night
    Hopkins Center for the Arts and Mainstreet

Tuesday, July 15

  • Square Peg “Dual Carb Charity Night”
    Raffle for a watercolor of the car of your choice
    Proceeds from evening to Ronald McDonald Charities

Thursday, July 31

  • Mercedes-Benz Club of America Night

Friday, August 1

  • All British Clubs Social Gathering for Charity
    Proceeds of evening to Opportunity Partners

Participating Artists

Over 50 artists will participate in the exhibition, representing 8 countries and 17 states of the U.S.
Affiliation key: GMA—Guild of Motoring Artists; AFAS—Automotive Fine Arts Society; HCA—Hopkins Center for the Arts

Thomas Aitken (MI)
Jesse Alexander (CA)
Brian J. Bale (Great Britain)
Mike Beane (MN) – HCA
Craig Allen Bell (MN) – HCA
Michael Billet (MN)
Larry Braun (CO) – AFAS
Todd Buschur (OH) – GMA
Brian Casey (Great Britain) – GMA
James Clark (MN) – HCA
Cliff Cramp (CA)
Sheridon John Davies (Great Britain) – GMA
Dave Deal (CA)
James Dietz (WA)
John G. Dunbar (Scotland)
Alexandria Easter (CA)
John Eyre (Sweden)
Gregg Felsen (MN)
Dana Forrester (MO)
Tom Fritz (CA) – AFAS
Jeff Gamble (AZ)
Michael Goettner (OH)
Robert Graham (MN)
Angel Granados (CA)
D.F. Gray (Canada)
Rich Herzog(PA)
Sylvia Horwitz (MN) – HCA
Nicolas Hunziker (NV)
Barry Hunter (Great Britain) – GMA

M. Hillary Jekot (CO)
Michael Jekot (MN) – HCA, GMA
Jay Koka (Canada) – AFAS
   Headlight Productions Inc.
Lory Lockwood (LA)
John Lovett (Great Britain) – GMA
Charlie Maher (MI) – AFAS
Ralph Mayer (Germany) – GMA
Robert Michaels (NY)
Bill Motta (CA) – AFAS
Niles Nakaoka (HI) – AFAS
J. Paul Nesse (MN)
Kelly Newcomb(WI)
Rod Organ (estate of)
    (Great Britain) – GMA

Amila Perera (Sri Lanka)
Chris Phillips (Canada) – GMA
Richard Pietruska (CA) – AFAS
David Purvis (United Kingdom) – GMA
Jon Roy (MN)
Ben Schuh (IA)
Tony Sikorski (PA) – AFAS
Nick Sinclair (MN)
Larry Stephenson (KS)
Alexey Stroganov (Russia) – GMA
Louis C. Wendling (MN)
Debra Wenlock (N. Ireland) – GMA

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[Source: Hopkins Center for the Arts]

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  1. I’ve seen some of Michael Jekot’s artwork and it’s cool……..I see a lot of other names I know…….it should be an outstanding event.