Juan Manuel Fangio driving Maserati 450S at Sebring 12-Hours, 1957

Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2011

Sports Car Digest published 569 stories in 2011 for an average of nearly 11 per week. They included timely coverage of auctions, events, rallies and vintage races, in addition to profiles of cars, collections, races and much more. Thankfully, our readers enjoyed a few of them…

Based upon page views attributed to each story, our initial photo gallery from the Pebble Beach Concours was the most popular story in 2011, followed by photo galleries from Goodwood Festival of Speed and Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Similar to previous years, nearly all of the top stories included extensive photo galleries that accounted for the majority of the page views.

Top 10 Most Popular Stories on Sports Car Digest – 2011 (click photo for story)

Ferrari 250 GTO Class Pebble Beach Concours
1. Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Photo Gallery - Tim Scott's 144-image gallery of photos from the Pebble Beach Concours.
Bugatti Type 35 Goodwood
2. Goodwood Festival of Speed Photo Gallery - Tim Scott's 220-image gallery of pictures from the hillclimb at Goodwood.
1965 Ford GT40 MkII at Concorso Villa d'Este
3. Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este Results and Photos - Tim Scott offered 350 images that gave an excellent overview of this classic car event on Lake Como.
Ferrari 246 GTS Cannonball Run Car at Amelia Island Concours
4. Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Photo Gallery - Our 170-image gallery from the 16th annual Amelia Island Concours.
Tight Ferrari action at 2011 Silverstone Classic
5. Silverstone Classic Report and Photo Gallery - Tim Scott brought more than 700 pictures that captured the massive and interesting field of entrants at the Silverstone Classic.
Ferrari 250 GTO Race at 2011 Monterey Motorsports Reunion
6. Monterey Motorsports Reunion Results and Photos - Coverage of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion from Dennis Gray, including 300 photos.
1934 Fiat Balilla 508 S at Mille Miglia
7. Mille Miglia Results and Photo Gallery - Report and 280 photos from the famed Italian rally.
Ferrari 250 TR, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 250 LM
8. Ralph Lauren Car Collection Exhibition Photo Gallery - Csaba Kiss shared photos from the Ralph Lauren Car Collection Exhibition in Paris.
Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati 450S photo
9. 1957 Sebring 12-Hour Grand Prix Profile - The excellent profile of the 1957 12 Hours of Sebring by Louis Galanos was the most popular story that did not include a large photo gallery.
Bonneville Speed Week 2011 photo gallery
10. Bonneville Speed Week Photo Gallery - Tim Scott's 365 wonderful images from the famed salt flats of Utah.
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  1. I want to thank Jamie Doyle and the folks at SCD for allowing me to write for them. My Sebring 1957 race profile came in 9th and for that I am very proud. More important to me was that fact that my story was the only one that was mostly story text rather than photos like the other nine. It is obvious that SCD has readers out there that enjoy a good automotive racing yarn. A special thanks to all the readers of SCD.

    1. Hi Louis,

      Your gripping account of the 57 race represents yet another distinguished piece and ranks much higher than 9 for me. Thanks to your detailed research, gorgeous pictures and well-crafted narrative we are all given an opportunity to (re)live another amazing race. Adding that to your other splendid stories (Sebring 65, anyone) certainly places you in my Pantheon of that category and I can hardly wait for your next account.
      Wishing you a very great new year and thanking you again for making the last one just more enjoyable!


  2. Dear Louis,
    Much like Vincent I found your Sebring piece my favorite of 2011. It’s images like these that drove me to a life of photography. Now if I could only write. Hope to see more of your work in SCD. Dennis

  3. Reviewing the top articles of 2011 shows what a good job SCD has done covering the vintage auto scene. Very good writing and great photography are the underlying theme running through all articles. That said, my favorite is Lou Galano’s article on the 1957 Sebring race. The race is a great story, and with many insider details, the article was a delight to read. Thank you Lou.