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Top 10 Modern Classic Cars Set To Increase In Value

The Hagerty Bull Market List is a list compiled annually of classic and modern-classic cars that present owners with a prediction of modern-classic cars that will most likely increase in value.

The list, however, is not tailored for investors, rather it focuses on people who want to find and drive a vehicle that they love.

As Hagerty experts regularly advise future modern-classic car owners, they should buy a classic car with their heart as they are built to be appreciated and driven as often as possible. The attraction for the car is the primary goal that should drive future owners to buy, and if it does give a good financial return in the years to come, it’s an added bonus. 

Toyota MR2
Toyota MR2. Source: Toyota

The Hagerty report looks at the market valuation data and insurance quotes to see any indicators that might suggest a car is rising in value along with an increase in the demand amongst drivers. To compile an accurate report, the UK Hagerty Price Guide also tracks private sales and auction sale results of classic or modern-classic cars.  

What sets Hagerty Bull Market apart is that the experts at Hagerty look at the selection for the previous year and compares the predicted values to the actual values after a year.

In the US, one of the most affordable cars in the previous report, the unassuming Toyota MR2, became the best performer as it rose in value by an average of 30 percent. In the 2018 list, the BMW M3 was the strongest performer as it rose an average of 20 percent in value.  

2021 modern classic cars increase in value

For the launch of the 2021 Hagerty UK Bull Market List, Hagerty’s selection of cars is wide and diverse, so there should be a car that would suit the tastes of any enthusiast.  

The 10 cars in the 2021 Hagerty Bull Market List

Aston Martin DB7 

The average value across the DB7 range that has been classed as ‘excellent condition’ has dropped to £31,580 from £37,680 in 2019. 

Aston Martin DB7

But given it’s an Aston Martin, the price will likely bounce back. As the mileage and age of the car add up, well-preserved examples will be more in demand, so while the prices are low, it is the best time to buy. 

Ferrari 328 

The value of the Ferrari 328 shot up in the first half of the 2010s but has dropped annually since then as the interest in modern-classic Ferraris has reduced.

Ferrari 328

From 2016 to 2019, the values dropped by around 11% per year although last year its value fell by only 2%. The Ferrari 328 have all the ingredients of a great classic: an attractive 80s sports car look, rarity, and a great manufacturer. 

Ford Focus (Mk1) 

Hagerty has always shown interest in the everyday saloons, estates and hatchbacks that carry us to our offices, drop our children at school, and transport us on our holidays.

Ford Focus

The price of the Focus is low, with an ‘excellent’ example can be owned for only £1,400, fair ones cost much less. It is a very small price to have a part of automotive history that handles as good as it looks.  

Jaguar Mark II 

Since it was first sold, the Jaguar Mk II was an instant, iconic classic which has been valued and cherished by its owners.

Jaguar Mk II

Prices have been relatively steady recently, but its value have already grown by almost a third this year. Hagerty feels like the growth potential of the Jaguar Mark II is still strong. 

Land Rover Discovery (Series 1) 

For the past five years, the value of the classic Range Rovers has skyrocketed. Hagerty believes that the Series I Land Rover Discovery is due to follow the trend. 

Land Rover Discovery

Up until now, even an excellent example could be purchased for only a few thousand. In recent months, however, truly exceptional examples have been purchased for much more. In June, CCA was able to sell one for £12,320. 

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 

Like a typical modern performance car, the values of these cars have the tendency to dip at first. Until very recently, the prices for these models have been dropping each month compared to the previous 12 months.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Starting from September 2020, the asking prices of the convertibles rose by 2.3%, while the cope rose by 2.5%. With Mercedes preparing for the electrification era, the SLS might become a high-tide mark from the petrol era. 

Mini Cooper 

All variants of the MK1 Austin/Morris Mini Cooper have risen in value for the past few years. It is Hagerty’s belief, however, that considering the 60th birthday of the Mini, it still has the potential to rise again in 2021.

Mini Cooper

The first 997cc model also appears to be undervalued, especially with the prices for its later, larger-engined variant. 

Porsche 944 S2 

Currently, you can still snag a 944 for a few thousand pounds. Naturally, Hagerty has chosen the aspirated S2 which is more drivable than the Turbo but is only 10hp less.

Porsche 944

In 2016, the 3-liter S2 shot up briefly in value, and after a quick correction, has steadily been gaining in value since. The best 944 S2 examples now normally sell for more than the top Hagerty Price Guide figure, which has been a great sign that the values are moving. 

Renault 5 GT Turbo 

At the moment, hot hatches are the modern classic cars sought after. The values of these popular models have skyrocketed recently, but there is still one that is not just more affordable, it is also much more powerful.

Renault 5 GT Turbo

With 115bhp and a current value of £12,900, the Renault 5 GT Turbo has great potential to still climb. 

Toyota MR2 (Mk3) 

The Toyota MR2 will not stay a secret for long. It is equipped with Toyota’s robust mechanicals matched with leather or Alcantara interiors, and the best part is that even a rare, unmolested example is only a few thousand pounds for now.

modern classic cars to rise in price

With an ‘excellent’ HPG value at only £4,100, the Japanese roadster appears to be undervalued. 

[Source: Hagerty]

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  1. Old Porsche Turbos are lots of fun…upkeep is not huge (unless you break something big) and the value might appreciate.. I can verify that from experience…