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The Art Of Motoring By The Royal Automobile Club Returns In 2021

Last year, the annual Art of Motoring exhibition was offered as a virtual exhibition. This year, the Royal Automobile Club is excited to return for their annual Art of Motoring exhibition which will be featuring motoring and motor racing sculpture and paintings. The Club is excited to return to London Motor Week for their physical show and exhibition. Members and guests can check out the exhibition starting November 1, Monday, until November 6, Saturday.

The Show will feature 16 leading artists with their works displayed in different locations in the Pall Mall Clubhouse. This year will be different as all the displayed artworks can also be viewed and purchased through a dedicated website:


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Like before, there will be a variety of different styles, subjects, and even materials used. Visitors will be able to see traditional oil and watercolor paints mixed with 3D printing. The QR codes are also another first, and it will be displayed so that viewers can get information about the artist and their works.

The artists that would be part of the exhibit are some of the best in their field like Tim Layzell, John Ketchell, Barry Rowe, Roy Putt, and Paul Dove. Sculptors Johnny Ambrose and Robin Bark is also part of the exhibit. Art of Motoring regulars like ‘painting vicar’ Adam Gompertz, watercolor artist Neil Collins, Simon Britnell, and Martin Tomlinson, are also present.

Former Le Mans winner and Grand Prix driver Stefan Johansson is one of the first-time exhibitors in the event. The famous Swede was a Ferrari and McLaren F1 driver, and he picked up the brush after the death of his friend Elio de Angelis in a testing accident at Paul Ricard in 1986. He resided in Britain for some time, although he now does his work in a Los Angeles studio. He has a variety of works and has some abstracts that is reminiscent of different corners of famous racetracks.


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Paul Howse is another newcomer who, until recently, has worked on the design team that makes McLaren road cars. His artwork will be continuing on the McLaren theme. Other newcomers are Brian James and Ian Bilbey who will bring their own different styles and expertise at the event.

First held in 2015, this exhibition has been curated on behalf of the Club by Rupert Whyte of Historic Car Art and Andrew Marriott of Pit Lane Productions.

Royal Automotive Club Head of Motoring Jeremy Vaughan shared, “Britain has more professional motoring and motor-racing artists than any other nation, and as collectors of motoring art for more than a century, the Club is delighted to showcase and help promote such prolific artists.”

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