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Posterior Porsche 550A

In 1956, Porsche introduced a slightly modified Spyder, the 550A. Exterior changes were mainly from the doors back with a much lower and sleeker engine bonnet. The “famed” rear grilles were placed much lower on the bonnet than on the 550. They also had on each side, vented hinged doors to access the engine. With its super technical four-cam Carrera engine and skinny Dunlops, this spaceframed aluminum lightweight humbled many of its larger, more powerful rivals like Ferrari, Maserati and Jaguar.

The following are a few of the many drivers who raced the 550s in its day; Ken Miles, Jean Behra, Stirling Moss and Denise McCluggage. “A bow” to all who were so close to this rare gem over 50 years ago and to the lucky few who own them today.

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